Impact of the Vedas in Europe

Impact of the Vedas in Europe

Impact of the Vedas in Europe. Image Courtesy – Youtube

India is known as a country of spiritualism from the ancient ages. A number of sages were born in this country and established a true essence of spiritualism by their power of ‘Sadhanas’. We, Indians are getting the benefits of their profound knowledge which they achieved by hardest contemplation to the God. But, if we think how much the world is benefited by their knowledge; some of us will obviously be astonished to know the impact of their ‘Sadhanas’ throughout the world. In this era of internet, people of India are more or less following the western civilization, their status, culture, life-style etc. – some are blindly following them neglecting our great culture and heritage.

One of our heritages is the ‘Vedas’. Very few people in India have the information that how much impact it has created among the people of European countries.

One of the famous groups in Europe is the “Veda Union”, which cultures the teachings and reflections of the ‘Vedas’ and also spreads ‘Sanskrit language’ in various European countries.

The Veda Union is a system which looks to join all European Veda chanting communities, regardless of their nation, language, religion, under one mother association. European Union has joined in political, financial, and also other secular sectors in Europe. Veda Union tries to join Europe on profound level advancing solidarity, affection and peace among every individual through ‘teachings of the Vedas’ and recitation of the divine ‘Vedic hymns’.

Chanting of Veda Mantra by the European Veda Union Group. Video Courtesy – Youtube & European Veda Union Group.

The concept of Veda Union is to give associations between various Veda chanting groups and institutions all through the Europe, propel and arrange ‘pan European’, neighborhood ventures, invigorate local activities of the gatherings and give assistance and direction to neighborhood associations. By its name, the “Veda Union” is exactly a union of mankind utilizing divine teachings of the ‘Vedas’.

The ‘Veda Union’ in Europe was established by Vojko Kercan from Slovenia and Branimir Gonan from Croatia. The project was officially begun after Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba acknowledged the letter of Veda Union organizers.

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European Veda Union works on various purposes:

One of the activities of the ‘Veda Union’ is building up communications between ‘Veda chanting communities’ and associations in Europe.

Their work extended in giving help and direction to local groups and associations by distributing ‘written’ and ‘audio materials’.

They work in advancing study programs and educational modules taking into account the old method for taking in the Veda mantras.

They used to organize periodical workshops on the significance of the ‘Veda’ and ‘Veda chanting’.

They use to establish communications with qualified Veda instructors and look for their direction and help.

They use to promote and organize pan European and neighbourhood projects.

They work on propelling ‘public lectures’ and appearances of neighbourhood groups and associations in front of the people.

The Veda Union use to promote the study of ‘Sanskrit language’ and ‘ancient Vedic writings’ in various European nations.

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“Sri Rudram” or “Namakam” anthem is found in “Krishna Yajurveda (4.5)” and is a standout amongst the most radiant hymns from the ‘Vedas’. The reason for this hymn is to ingrain into the brain of individuals the more noteworthy, profounder learning of the way that God is inherent in each spot of space, in each unit of time, in every nook and corner and in each molecule of creation. ‘Chanting’ or ‘mere listening’ of this fascinating hymn brings various amounts of benefits to human life. So the Veda Union proposed an activity that went for joining’ Veda chanting communities’ and associations in Europe through ‘collective chanting’ of “Sri Rudram”.

The Veda Union in Europe has done a commendable job which was not at all easy for organizing teachings of ‘Sanskrit’ language and promoting it throughout the Europe with the help of the ‘Veda’. We really salute their venture.

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