Always be alert to prevent food-adulteration crime in India

Always be alert to prevent food-adulteration crime in India

Always be alert to prevent food-adulteration crime in India. Image Courtesy – The Hindu

The Criminal Investigation Department of West Bengal has exposed a racket managing contamination of edible oil and has arrested the proprietor of an oil plant at Shantipur at Nadia District.

The ‘raid’ was administered on the basis of an authentic source. The CID officers seized huge amount of edible oil from the premises of “Rahul Enterprise” at ‘Gobindapur Bazar’ of Nadia district. A man was arrested; whose name was Nripen Sarkar. He used to blend ‘palm oil’ with mustard oil and other chemicals for flavour; and sell them those oils in the name of several branded oil companies. He also used to sell mustard oil in the name of his own brand ‘Rahul’.

Deputy Inspector General, CID (operations) Nishat Parvez stated that an oil tanker stacked with 19.695 MT refine palm oil with its challan, a Tata 407 stacked with 120 tins of mustard oil according to challan, and another vehicle alongside its driving permit in the name of some Samar Karmakar was arrested.

Officers have additionally recouped 500 oil containers loaded with soyabean oil, 900 oil containers loaded with palm oil and 500 oil containers loaded with rice oil with seal of ‘Rahul Rice oil’ and the brand name of other distinctive companies also. The CID team has additionally discovered two iron punching machines, a few seals bearing the name of Rahul soyabean oil, palm oil, rice oil etc. separately.

A senior CID officer stated that a case has been filed at Shantipur police headquarters under area ‘420 IPC 7(1)(a)(ii) The Essential Commodity Act, segment 78/79 of Trade and Merchandise Mark Act 1951 and segment 63 of Copy Right Act. They are searching for other individuals involve with the racket.

Video Courtesy – Youtube.

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But, not only in Bengal, in many other states food adulteration is going on rampantly but in clandestine way. Mostly common people are the sufferer and the future generation also.

There are several ways and means to prevent the curse like food-adulteration in Indian constitution. But, their implement is so poor. May be there are absence of responsibilities on the part of government officials. Number of food testing by responsible department of the government (Central or State) is very low in respect to other developing countries.

There should be exemplary punishment for each case, so that social criminals must think 10 times before committing contamination in food products.

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