There are 33 Crores of deities in Hindu Mythology

There are 33 Crores of deities in Hindu Mythology

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In Vedas specially in Yajna, the word ‘Devata’ is often used. The word ‘Devata’ is derived from the root ‘div’ which means ‘ to give, to shine, to illuminate, to enlighten’. The Nirukta (7.15) says that Devatas are called Devas beause they give, they shine and radiate, they illuminate and they enlighten, instruct and educate.

To sum up before we further moves on:

(i) Every Veda mantra is a devata because it is a revelation of something divine in existence.

(ii) Every name, word of divine, human, physical, biological and material entities of positive & negative entities is a devata.

(iii) The poet creator of the ‘Vedas’, the world of existence, mother Prakriti and Jiva, each one is a devata.

(iv) Everything and every person, generous and illumines is devata.

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According to Hindu mythology there are thirty three crores of devatas – In classical Sanskrit text Vedas explains the word ‘crores’ as different kinds of ‘groups’ or ‘crores’. Atharva Veda describes thirty three deities abide and perform their part as constituent limbs of the system of a cosmic body. 33 deities are 8 vasus, 11 rudras, twelve adityas, Indra and Prajapati, which all together add upto 33.

8 Vasus – Agni, Prithvi, Vayu, Antariksha, Aditya, Dyau, Chandra & Nakshatra, these are 8 Vasus because they provide the abode and sustenance of life for all.

11 Rudras – Prana (the incoming breath), Apana (outgoing breath ), Vyana (which causes the organs of the body to move), Samana (causes food to be digested & the circulation of blood), Udan a (abides & controls air discharge from the throat & mouth and leaves the body with the last breath. The sub-pranas are also five types : Naga (cause eructation), kurma (causes working of the eye), Krakala (causes yowning), Devadatta (causes hunger and thirst) and Dhananjaya (which stays with the subtle body even after death and moves it upto rebirth. They are called rudras because when they leave, they cause sorrow and wailing.

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12 Adityas – 12 Zodiacs of the Sun God. The Bhagat Purana lists a total of 12 adityas as Sun Gods. In each month of the year a different Aditya is said to shine. Each of these Adityas is a different. Expression of Lord Vishnu in the form of the Sun God.

Indra & Prajapati – Indra is electric energy and the thundering cloud with lightning, it is so mightily powerful. Prajapati is Yajna because it is the process of the dynamics of life and existence.

These above details are derived from ‘Shatapatha Brahmana (14.6) and Nirukta (9.28).

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