Why a section of media is promoting corona fear? Are there sponsors behind them?

Why a section of media is promoting corona fear?

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We have to find out the section of people and group that sponsoring a section of media for gaining in their business. The business of health products, medicines and related items are in a hike this time due to corona fear.

Humanity is dying due to fear of coronavirus, even people are leaving their loved ones out of fear psychosis. Natural bonding of the society is broken, people are not responding to each other due to corona fear and a sense of untouchability is working in their mind due to a nominal physical ailment of somebody.

People have even forgotten to cry due to fear of corona. After the death of the infected person, his family are leaving in such a way that they are not going to look away, even to give a shoulder to the dead body. The families of such infected people who are dying at home are unable to help the corona warriors who are going to dispose of their bodies. Most of the members of the house either have left the house or some other remains locked in other rooms.

The condition is like this – even the family did not help in unloading the body of an infected person from the third floor. A minimum of two corona warriors was able to take their dead bodies. The housemates kept watching the ambulance from their balcony. A corona warrior states that the dead-body disposal team completely sanitizes the corpse. The house is also sanitized. After the body is packed, the scope of infection is gone. What a situation we are facing this time – people ignore the fact that the person who dies is a member of their house, only out of fear psychosis.

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An officer of the Body Disposal Wing says that humanity is also with life and after death. Most of the people are living with fear. After the body is packed, if anyone can wear gloves and masks to help in transporting the body to the dead body van, then there is no risk of infection. PPE kits are also arranged for the family members. Still, people get nervous. According to the rules, the team has to do all the work. The funeral procession also has to be done by the team. Only three to four members of the house are allowed to visit the burning ghat.

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The conditions of the patients who die at home due to corona infection are more susceptible. The family members call and disturb the body disposal team. Phone calls come even at 12 o’clock at night to lift the dead body. But there is no arrangement of disposal at night. There is no infrastructure to keep the dead body in a safe place.

Another incident that happened at Sonarpur in West Bengal clearly showed the situation of corona fear on Sunday. Sufferings of the patients infected by corona or with corona symptoms are not getting end with their body after death. This time the body of an old man remained at home for more than 15 hours in Behala.

According to the family sources of the deceased, some of the family members have been suffering from fever and corona symptoms for the last few days. The reports of three people came positive in the test. The 62-year-old head of the family’s report came after Sunday afternoon. He also had a fever.

They were informed from the health department that they can stay in the house for the time being along with the old man. If he had any difficulty in breathing, he had to be admitted to the hospital. But, the old man got breathing problem at night and the breathing problem increased after that. Then the family tried to contact in different places. But he died at night before any action could be taken.

The relatives of the deceased claimed that they called the health department at night. A few phone numbers were given from there. But no body was found on any number.

On the next morning, the family sought help from their family doctor as well as the local ward coordinator, but their help was not responded. The family even claimed that the family doctor was not giving the death certificate to the elderly person infected by Covid-19. Finally, they informed the Behala Police Station. But, the Behala Police Station also did not help.

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The relatives claimed that after knowing everything by phone the municipality staffs asked to arrange for the death certificate of the elderly dead person. The staffs of the municipality questioned, “If a doctor does not agree to issue the death certificate after knowing that the patient was infected by coronavirus, then where will they get it?” Ultimately, they had to seek help from the police station again. After seeing the report of the corona, the local police station started work of collecting the death certificate. Meanwhile, the news reached the area’s MLA and Minister Partha Chatterjee. He said, “I told the DC and the OC of the police station to take action.”

At around half past one, two officers of the Behala Police Station reached the house of the deceased with the death certificate documents. But, even then no vehicle of the municipality came there. Ultimately, the municipal car came and took away the body at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

As a general rule, if someone dies at home, the health department and the municipality can find out through the police or the ward coordinator. After that the municipality sent a car and took the body for burial. If so, why did it take 15 hours?

Similarly, private hospital and nursing homes are deliberately taking advantage of this ‘corona fear’ situation. They have started looting money from the people afflicted by fear pschycosis.

The common man of this country is still waiting for a strong attack on the fraud and negligence that happens to him in the state of illness at medical care units. Although the condition of the government hospitals in India is not hidden from anyone, but when the news comes from private hospitals charging huge fees, then not only the hollowness of all the claims of promotion and development by human beings is exposed, but also the dying of humanity is also projected.

When a person becomes a doctor, he takes an oath of service to humanity which is called ‘Hippocratic Oath’; he is understood as ‘God of the Earth’ on the strength of his knowledge. But, when the doctor crosses the limit of humanity what should it be called then?

However, the fact is that it is happening and the doctors are involved in running these money-making medical care units i.e. nursing homes and private hospitals. Today, the fear of corona is helping them very much to gain more business utilizing human psychology.

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