Coronavirus Vaccine is not a Permanent Solution, only Temporary, Anthony Fauci

Coronavirus Vaccine is not a Permanent Solution, only Temporary, Anthony Fauci

Coronavirus vaccine is not a permanent solution, only temporary, said Anthony Fauci. Image Courtesy – US Virtual Embassy Iran

Scientists are worried about how much the infection can be prevented even if the coronavirus vaccine is introduced. Scientists at Imperial College, London have already said that coronavirus can not be eradicated completely by the first vaccine. Infection alone will reduce the incidence of complex diseases. Anthony Fauci, Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a White House health adviser, points in that direction.

“Vaccines can protect against this stage of infection. But its effects will not last forever. Vaccines cannot save a person from corona infection for life,” said Fauci.

Fauci said that corona’s first thrust has not yet been recovered, yet a second thrust is being expected. Many people in China are already infected with the second thrust of corona infection. Infection in America is rampant, it has already been crossed the 3 million mark. Fauci said that health experts believe the first few doses of the vaccine will help prevent early disease.

But the kind of immune system that is needed to build strong armour against a contagious virus like corona, which is constantly changing the structure of the gene, will not come to the human body right now. Therefore, it cannot be said now that the vaccine will be able to prevent COVID-19 infection for the rest of life.

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Fauci says, for example, the coronavirus vaccine is less likely to be effective than the measles vaccine, which protects people for life. This is because the SARS-COV-2 RNA virus is constantly changing the structure of genes (genetic mutations). Each of its strands is different from each other.

So, the source of this virus has not been found yet. In addition to the strains from which the vaccine is being made, there are multiple infectious strains of the corona. This is because the virus is changing the structure of the gene as a result of genetic mutations. So, the vaccine can provide temporary protection up to a certain stage.

It is unknown whether the vaccine will combat the virus or not if it comes again in future after changing its genetic structure. Fauci says that the whole thing is uncertain. It is unknown how long the virus will continue its life-cycle.

SARS-COV-2 is changing the code of specific amino acid when it is dividing or replicating in the human body, Anthony Fauci said earlier. His statement is that the single amino acid code of the corona gene is thought to be altered. The gene has a reading frame with three bases. Each base contains a code of amino acids. Fauci says the virus may be changing the code of these amino acids. That is the reason why the virus finds new ways to get into the human body and spread the infection.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has previously said that people should make a habit of living with coronavirus. Scientists at Imperial College, London say the first vaccine will not prevent corona. Epidemiologists at the University of Chicago make the same claim. According to them, routine checkups, vaccines once or twice a year or anti-COVID drugs should be taken to control the virus. In addition, there are masks, sanitizers, frequent hand washing, and keeping mutual distancing is to be maintained. That means precautionary measures must be taken, as it is still uncertain whether the vaccine will have long-term results.

The statement which the American physician Anthony Fauci has declared has a deeper meaning. In his words, only a single vaccine is unable to protect the coronavirus, anti-COVID drugs should also be administered with that. Now, people have to think about which way they will choose.

According to the World Health Organization, resistance to antibiotics is rising dangerously throughout the world. Resistance mechanisms are becoming prominent worldwide. These antibiotic resistance mechanisms are weakening the ability of allopathic doctors to treat common infectious diseases. Infectious diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhoea, blood poisoning, foodborne and waterborne diseases become impossible to cure because antibiotics are getting less effective in the human body. Now, it depends on the doctors of the allopathic system whether they will combine other systems of treatment with allopathy to have a permanent solution or not.

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