Will the COVID-19 vaccine become a shield for newly appearing G4 Flu Virus?

Will the COVID-19 vaccine become shield for newly appearing G4 Flu Virus?

Will the COVID-19 vaccine become a shield for newly appearing G4 Flu Virus? Image Courtesy – https://www.sciencemag.org

We are expecting COVID-19 vaccine in the month of July 2020, naturally, a sense of relief has already appeared in our mind. Most probably, one vaccine is to come in the middle or end of July by Oxford University.

Another threat of a virus pandemic has already come in the news unfortunately again from the communist country. The new trail is named as G4 Flu virus. It has been recognized among the pigs in China that somehow infected some workers of the swine industry.

Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences had a research on this and expressed worry on it. They told that the G4 Flu Virus is a unique blend of the 3 types of virus family – (i) it is similar to the strains found in the European and Asian birds, (ii) similar to the virus that caused the pandemic in the year 2009 and (iii) similar to the virus found in the gene of bird, human, pig in the time of North American H1N1 Flu.

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The scientists also say that the G4 Flu virus uses to bind to the receptor molecules in human cells and it is able to replicate in the outer layer of the human respiratory system. The new virus is able to cause severe clinical symptoms like coughing, congestion of the lung passage and the humans affected by it can lose their weight heavily approximately from 7.3% – 9.8% of the total body mass.

So, it has created a doubt that if the virus becomes more deadly than the current COVID-19, how will the vaccine work which is prepared on the basis of SARS-CoV-2 strain. Deadly viruses are coming one after another.

It is not clearly defined that there may be another pandemic after the current COVID-19 or the coming vaccine will also work for it. The basic understanding for the human being is to build up their immunity and block the viral strains of influenza coming every year and with a newly modified RNA structure.

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