Ayush Ministry approved Patanjali’s Coronil as COVID management drug

Ayush Ministry approved Patanjali's Coronil as COVID management drug

Ayush Ministry approved Patanjali’s Coronil as COVID management drug. Image Courtesy – Zee News

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev organized a press conference in Haridwar today to give clarification on the Coronil medicine in which he put forward his side. ‘Patanjali Yogpeeth’ held a press conference with Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balakrishna. During this time, yoga teacher Baba Ramdev said that the people should have sympathy for Corona victims.

We have taught people how to be healthy with Yoga and Ayurveda, but still, questions are being raised. The Ministry of AYUSH has said that Patanjali has taken a good initiative in the field of COVID. The plans of the opponents were destroyed due to this.

Several political leaders also commented against Swami Ramdev. Some of the opposition leaders of the ruling political party in India suggested putting Swami Ramdev in jail.

Baba Ramdev said that the work they have done so far on COVID Management will continue even further. Coronil has been prepared by taking an assured quantity of Giloy, Ashwagandha and Basil. Swasari Vati has been prepared from cinnamon and other ingredients.

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The work has been done under the process of Modern Medical Science

Baba Ramdev said that this work has been done under the process of Modern Medical Science. They have separate licenses, they are jointly trialled. Registration and research processes are different.

The three medicines that we have made have been licensed from the Ministry of Unani and Ayurveda.” Baba Ramdev said, “a clinical trial has already taken place on the corona patients. We have also crossed three levels on more than ten diseases. We have done research on heart patients, asthma, hepatitis, dengue, chikungunya patients. Our research team has more than 500 scientists. Imperialist thinking was attacked.

When the data of the clinical control trial was revealed, the storm arose

Baba Ramdev said that people have also spread the word on social media that Baba would go to jail in seven days. Comments were also made regarding caste and religion. We had given entire research related to Coronil medicine to the Ministry of AYUSH, whoever wants to see can see it.

He said that just we have kept the data of a clinical control trial about a corona, the storm arose. The roots of those drug mafia, multinational companies, Indian and anti-Indian forces were shaken. They think that those wearing coat & ties can do research, how the saffron dressed person did research.

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“I ask if they have taken the contract? We have built a framework of ten thousand crores on yoga and research. The work of Yoga Ayurveda has become a crime. Just an FIR is launched against traitors and terrorists, the same is being done against us!”

“We tried on patients, everything was under control. Patanjali has given new life to crores of people with Ayurveda and Yoga. We have sent the entire research papers of the clinical control trials to the Ministry of Ayurveda. Researches have been carried out according to the parameters.”

Patanjali’s corona drug case reached High Court, hearing today

The case of corona drug Coronil made by Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Yogpeeth has reached the High Court. The High Court on Tuesday directed the Assistant Solicitor General of the Central Government to clarify the situation after hearing the PIL filed in the case. The next hearing is going on today.

The case is being heard by video conferencing before the bench of Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice R C Khulbe.

According to the case, advocate Manikumar of Udhamsingh Nagar filed public interest litigation and said that Baba Ramdev and his associate Acharya Balkrishna had launched a Coronil drug manufactured from the divine pharmacy company of Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar to get rid of the coronavirus.

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Challenged based on four points

The petitioner stated that neither the guidelines issued by the ICMR for making medicines were followed nor permission was obtained from the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. The application was not made to prepare corona medicines from the Department of AYUSH, Uttarakhand. The application that was done was done to increase immunity and in the guise of this, Baba Ramdev manufactured Coronil medicine.

According to the Divine Pharmacy, the drug was tested at NIMS University Rajasthan, while NIMS said that he had not done any clinical trials of any such drug. The petitioner has challenged the drug on the basis of these four points.

The petitioner also said that Baba Ramdev was spreading misleading publicity of this medicine among the people. The petitioner has demanded legal action against the institution for misleading publicity based on the guidelines issued by the ICMR seeking a complete ban on the drug.

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In an interview with the India TV, Swami Ramdev asked why only Allopathic treatment would be conferred as the status of medicine? He also questioned why medical research should be limited as an exclusive thing of elites?

He also asked why the techniques devised in Germany, UK, Europe would only get acceptance status as ‘medicine’? Time has come for the people to know the power of Ayurveda to cure and heal. Swami Ramdev has given a message to the researchers of Allopathic medicine that they should not undermine Ayurveda as a science.

Reference: Amar Ujala, India TV

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