US Democracy stormed by Trump supporters

US Democracy was stormed by Trump supporters – 4 dead, 52 arrested

The US Democracy was stormed by Trump supporters on January 7, 2021. Image Courtesy – Global Times

The US Democracy was stormed by Trump supporters on January 7, 2021, they created tremendous chaos entering into the Capitol Building at Washington. In this incident, 4 people were dead including one woman, and 52 arrested. The incident was noted as a black-day in the history of American Democracy.

Thousands of supporters of the outgoing US President Donald Trump entered the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, and clashed with the police. One woman was killed and several were injured in these incidents. The constitutional process of stamping the name of Joe Biden as the new president has been interrupted.

The Capitol building was occupied by Trump supporters and smoke was emanating from there. National Guard and federal law enforcement personnel have been sent to remove these people. A curfew was imposed in the entire area in the evening. The riot began when Congress was confirming the Electoral College votes that Biden-Harris had been elected.

Thousands of rioters chanting with the name of ‘Trump’ and ‘USA’ hit the police hard and went inside the building, removing all the barriers. The rioters reached the Senate chamber, and the Vice President was escorted out by security personnel.

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At the same time, the rioters were seen sitting in the Senate President’s chair, walking all over the room with trump’s flags and placards. Democratic Representative Raja Krishnamurthy tweeted that he himself took a safe shelter in the ground of the Capitol building. Joe Biden accepted the result of a fair democratic election, but the rioters created massive violence inside the building.

Biden demanded former President Trump should come on the national television and ask his supporters to end the siege of the Capitol and tell them to return from there. Former President Trump tweeted shortly thereafter a video, asking supporters to go home. Trump told in his tweet, “I am asking everyone in the US Capitol to keep the peace. Do not commit violence! Remember, we are a Party of Law and Order. Honor great men and women with the law and people of the Democratic Party. Thank you.”

Not only Biden, but Trump’s party members also blamed Donald Trump for the incident of violence. Trump’s supporters have threatened the entire democratic process through this violence.

The lawmakers resumed the work after the officials told them that Capitol premises were safe from the rioters after a few hours later. They officially certified the electoral victory of Joe Biden as the next US President and Kamala Harris as the Vice President.

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