Joe Biden picks Indian-origin Kamala Harris for Vice Presidential Candidate

Joe Biden picks Indian-origin Kamala Harris for Vice Presidential Candidate

Joe Biden picks Indian-origin Kamala Harris for Vice Presidential Candidate. Image Courtesy – CGTN

Democrat candidate Joe Biden has announced the name of Kamala Harris, a black senator from California, as his vice president. As a result, Kamala Harris will be seen with Biden in the next campaign. Biden further made pressure on President Donald Trump by announcing the name of Harris, very popular among the American people.

Biden tweeted that he was delighted to announce the name of Kamala Harris, a fearless woman with a fearless fighting spirit and one of the most popular representatives in the country. He also wrote that he was proud to have her as a partner in his election campaign.

Harris responded to Biden’s announcement on Twitter in her own style. She writes, “I am fascinated by this admiration of Joe Biden. I am ready in all battles as his comrade-in-arms. Joe Biden will be able to unite the people of America because he has done this all through his life. And he will create an America for us to live well as president.”

It has created a historic moment in the life of Kamala Harris as her name was nominated for Vice President. If she wins this election, she will automatically be the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party in 2024 and 2026.

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Donald Harris, the father of Kamala Harris is a resident of Jamaica and he is 55-year-old. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan is an Indian and she is from Chennai. Shyamala Gopalan cared Kamala and her younger daughter Maya after early separation from Donald Harris.

She was the first black woman to be elected as Attorney General of California. She is also the first woman of South Asian origin to be elected as a US Senator. She has been recommending police reform during the nationwide anti-racism protests.

Joe Biden acknowledged Harris’s political genius and said he had no grievances or anger against him though they had a collision in 2019 during the presidential election in the US. Biden gave that message by involving Harris in his fight for the vice presidency. With this decision, Biden targets to create a broad coalition of voters to win over the Presidential elections in the US.

As Joe Biden picks Indian-origin Kamala Harris for Vice Presidential Candidate, the current power struggle in the US has will definitely create pressure on President Donald Trump.

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