Trump stopped fund for the WHO

Trump stopped fund for the WHO

Trump stopped fund for the WHO. Image Courtesy – Financial Times.

President Donald Trump has announced to halt funding to the World Health Organization accusing that they have failed to keep their promise in reviewing the matter of spread of the coronavirus, and they have not been managing the situation properly.

He alleged that WHO was responsible for so much death by the pandemic. His administration would continue to capture WHO’s activity in the future. Since the number of deaths due to coronavirus has reached 1,34,616 throughout the world and 28,529 in the US till today (at 8:00 am). This is absolutely the worst situation for the US with being the top of the corona-affected list.

Trump told that the US provides $400-$500 million each year to the World Health Organization, but in return of the US has observed a level of negligence on their part.

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The American people have the right to say that President Donald Trump has decided correctly to hold the funding. The government of the US may decide not to pay millions of dollars to an organization that shields the crime of China from releasing the deadly virus to the world. American people should not be quiet against China’s evil game.

However, the World Health Organization can never disavow that they made a statement once like the Chinese virus could not be spread between humans. They also made Taiwan quiet when they tried to make an alarm. Additionally, they declared that masks would not slow the spread of the virus, and lastly WHO took the matter very lightly in the beginning.

China always tried to win over the hold of the world market, and in this battle the US has been conquering in the world market as their competitor. After the pandemic of coronavirus, the communist government of China may become successful in penetrating into the world of business as the US will resume a long time to recover from the economic landslide.

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