How to Start Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business

How to Start Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business

How to Start Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business. Image Courtesy – Review Geek

Tempered glass or toughened glass is a kind of protection glass. Tempered glass screen guards became gradually popular in current years.

To increase its strength it is processed by chemical treatments. Tempered glass is prepared in high-temperature ovens. Glass is heated to 650 degrees Celsius, followed by a fast coding.

What are the advantages of using a tempered glass screen guard?

The material is heavier and robust than that of your typical plastic screen guard. So, your screen guard will be very hardy to scratches and other visible damage. This is particularly essential for those who tend to store their phones in luggage or purse with keys or other kinds of stuff that could graze the display.

On top of providing a heavier and durable coating for your mobile’s screen guard also has a look and feel that’s very similar to your standard smartphone screen. Therefore, you may not notice the screen guard as much as you would with a plastic one.

To make the glass effect, makers of tempered glass screen guards use high-end technology and top-end types of machinery for a smooth and glossy outcome.

Do you want to know what is the estimated price required to set up a small tempered glass screen guard manufacturing business in India?

Follow this blog where you will get all the necessary info to set-up a tempered glass business for smartphones.

Starting a tempered glass manufacturing business is obviously one of the many businesses that can be started in any part of the world. Starting a mobile tempered glass business is very cool. You can start a tempered glass manufacturing business from your home. You don’t need to lease any workplace.

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How much investment required for starting a tempered glass making business in India?

You must know how much investment requires for starting a tempered glass making business in India. It is the major step of how to start a toughened glass making business in India. For each small scale business, it needs around 2, 00,000 to 3, 00,000 investments.

What material is required for the tempered glass business?

(i) Tempered glass manufacturing machine

(ii) Screen guard 9H Nano flexible glass

(iii) Wrapping

(iv) Laptop

How to choose the best-tempered glass manufacturing device?

Choose the tempered-glass manufacturing device which has:

(i) The life span of around 10 years

(ii) The ability to make 1500 pieces each day in 8 hr-12hr

(iii) The chargeformanufacturing1 tempered glass is Rs 10 to 12

(iv) The ability to make diverse models glass together

(v) The ability to work on any mobile model, any shape, any brand tempered glass

(vi) The free software with the device is delivered.

How you will use the tempered glass device?

The operating device is very easy. If you know how to use your mobile then I can say it is much easier than working a mobile. Numerous training videos are available on YouTube in all languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, etc.

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How to get a license for manufacturing toughened glass?

There is no license for this business. But you have to get your business listed under Government to work.

Is selling tempered glass online can increase your profits?

If you are a tempered glassmaker, you should consider selling them online. With the enormous variability of mobiles being sold across the nation, finding tempered glass guards for each model is made possible through online markets as paralleled to regular stores. You can redeem this opportunity and start selling tempered glass online. To stand out from the crowd, you can add instruction guides, descriptions, or videos on the website. So, listed yourself as a vendor on the online platform, list your tempered glasses on the website, and start selling them online.

How to sell tempered glass online?

When you are selling tempered glass online you will get clients without doing anything. In beginning getting a customer is problematic as your product has zero reviews and nobody wants to purchase that product. Therefore, you need to promote on Instagram, Facebook, and Google to get customers easily.

Always listen to what customer is saying and improve your products according to them. Never do unlawful things! It will eventually sink your business.

Before you open a tempered glass business within your community, it’s vital to determine how many competitors you have. If you are really desired to launch a tempered glass business, it’s wise to learn who are already in business.  It can take a while to find a business person who is eager to talk, but it’s well worth the effort.

The last thing I wanna say is that the better the quality of tempered glass, the better it will be able to execute its exclusive functions.  And, the quality of tempered glass depends on the quality of its manufacturing.

So what are you waiting for? Go and start your business!

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