Agha Hilaly admitted the death of 300 militants in Balakot

Agha Hilaly admitted the death of 300 militants in Balakot attack

Agha Hilaly admitted the death of 300 militants in Balakot attack. Image Courtesy – The Quint

Almost after a year, former Pakistani diplomat, Agha Hilaly admitted the death of 300 militants in Balakot attack. A few days after the militant attack in Pulwama, India bombed a militant base at Balakot in Pakistan. It was then told by the Pakistani administration that there were no militant bases in Balakot.

A former Pakistani diplomat later admitted to a TV channel that 300 militants had been killed in Indian airstrike at Balakot. He spoke on behalf of the Pakistani military in a televised debate.

On February 14, 2019, 40 CRPF jawans were killed in a militant attack at Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir. The Pakistani-backed Jaish-e-Mohammad was behind the attack. Then on February 27, the Indian Air Force entered Pakistan and bombed a militant base. The next day, on February 28, when the Pakistan Air Force F-16 fighter jets came to attack India, the Indian Air Force killed them and chased them away.

Agha Hilaly recently told an Urdu channel in Pakistan that India has violated international borders. They practically fought against Pakistan. He also told that 300 people were killed as per his knowledge. He told that Pakistan targeted the Indian High Command.

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Now, the cat is out of the bag. Agha Hilaly has ultimately admitted the promotion of militant camps in Pakistan and the death of 300 militants in Balakot by his recent comment. This is a proof that Pakistani administration lies every time they promote militant activities against India.

Chief of the Army Staff of the Indian Army, M M Naravane told last year, “Pakistan did not anticipate the attack of our air force in Balakot. Before they knew it, our warplanes finished their work and returned home. It is clear from this that if there is intelligence, the enemy can be eliminated without war.”

Naravane added that the militants have repeatedly shown how to carry out attacks in secret. We wanted to tell them that we fight from the front. But if necessary, we could attack tactically. We have created instances in the past, and we would perform that in the future too.

Air Chief Marshal R K S Vadoria also spoke on the issue. He told that the attack at Balakot was done with full-fledged planning. We did what we wanted. The attack shattered the so-called idea of an airstrike.

“We could have sent twice as many warplanes to Balakot and dropped twice as many bombs,” Vadoria told. It might have killed more militants. But with it, ordinary people could have lost their lives. We didn’t want that. We just wanted to kill the militants. And we have succeeded in that.”

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