Some tips for first-time Gym goers

Some tips for first-time Gym goers

Some tips for first-time Gym goers. Image Courtesy –

There is an old saying, “health is wealth”. So, having a daily workout or fitness regime is a ‘must’ for modern day world. A proper workout plan will keep you healthy, boost your energy and make you feel better throughout the day and after you accomplish your goal, it will give you positive attitude towards life. So, get started and regain yourself in a new form. Let’s have a look on few tips; I will share today for the first-time gym-goers.

Set a fixed goal

Vague goal setting will give you negative result. Before starting a gym, set a fixed and specific goal like “I will reduce 3KG weight in 2months”. Improper goal setting will not help you in reaching your goal; in fact it will confuse your own mind-set as well as your trainer to set the regime for you. Make logical resolution, if you do not set accountable goal for you, you would never reach it and that will make negative impact on your mind. Share your goal as much as you can, on social media and wherever possible for you. And, DO NOT procrastinate.

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Start in small scale

For the first day, start small. Do not expect very high of yourself on the very first day of working out. On first week, commit small to yourself. If you commit at least 3-4days on first week, it will be more than enough. At the beginning, you will feel very tired and immense body pain. But, do not give up it. After few weeks of gym, you will be accustomed to your new schedule. But, do not leave on them after attending for short time. It will bring negative impact on your health; even it may bring you opposite result and other side-effects.

Follow the diet properly

People have general tendency on improvising their diet plan even after getting it prepared by the best ever dietician. First-time gym-goers must not do it. They must stick to the diet given to them strictly. If your diet brings you any adverse result, must consult the expert. But, changing it as per own convenience is highly forbidden. And, whatever your work schedule is, you must not skip any meal. So before you prepare your diet regime, discuss with your dietician in details. Consuming good amount of water is also recommended. Energy you are burning through workout must be filled up by adequate and necessary food and water.

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First day workout

On your first day at gym, do a combination of sets. Do not go for anything specific like cardio or abs training, even if you want to focus on a particular workout plan in longer run. A 5-10minutes warm-up, 2 sets of 10 leg step-up, 2 sets of 10 seated row machine, 1 set of 20 stability ball bicep curls, 1set of 20 triceps pushdowns, 2 sets of 20 crunches and another 5-10minutes warm up will do good for the first few weeks.

Do not panic if you want to get the result and have patience and it will surely bring you the much awaited result on right time. As you already know the importance of working out, so join a gym immediately and keep yourself fit.

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