Where money controls the fate of a murder case

Where money controls the fate of a murder case

Where money controls fate of a murder case. Image Courtesy – http://ebela.in

The mother of Abesh Dasgupta, the 17-year-old kid who was murdered at the basement amid a party at author Amit Chaudhuri’s home, told that she was angry with the development of the investigation in this way. Rimjhim Dasgupta, the mother of Abesh Dasgupta, suspected that the investigation case might get manipulated because high-profile people are involved into the case.

Mrs. Dasgupta demanded for justice for her child. This kind of abominable crime should not be happened again. She suspected that the case might be manipulated because most of the kids who were involved in the party were rich. If they could get away in spite of committing this kind of crime, then anybody can assume the fate of similar cases. She alleged that many evidences might have been removed in the mean time. Police had the total list of names, but some of them were not interrogated.

The police cited a few of the visitors at the birthday get-together as saying that one of the friends who had taken Abesh there, left Sunny Park with 3 other friends soon after Abesh was found bleeding inside the car parking area. It they were real friends, then why they left? On being inquired by somebody why he was leaving, the kid answered that he needed to visit his mother in hospital, the witnesses told the police.

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Now, here the question arose, the friend who left with 3 other friends, had been enjoying the party and used to have alcohol with other friends; till that period he could not feel the urge to visit his mother in the hospital. Only after the 17-year old boy, Abesh Dasgupta got injured and began to bleed; he felt the urge to visit his mother?

An officer of Ballygunge police headquarters was asked why any legal action would not be taken for under-age drinking. Because, it is the breaking of law under excise laws according to Indian Penal Code for anyone to drink alcohol who is below 21 years of age. The police officer ridiculously answered that they were probing a murder case, so under-age drinking was not an issue here. That was a separate issue. We do not know in which civilized country, a police officer could do such irresponsible statement.

The police officer was asked whether a ‘suo motu’ case could be filed on account of underage drinking, the officer told that the lodging complex was not an open spot and no inhabitant has lodged a complaint about underage drinking. So, the police department would not go to start any action independently.

Here, another question comes forth: why laws are there in the law book? What protection the police department are giving to the common people? Are they trying to defend the culprits?

The police sources told essential examinations did not rule out the accident angle. A police officer told that the forensic team went there and visited the spot. Some of the young people present there told police that Abesh was conveying alcohol bottles and he tumbled down, and there he bled to death. They said Abesh got harmed and after that tumbled off in the basement. Police declared that they have examined 16 young men.

Rimjhim Dasgupta, mother of Abesh Dasgupta told that she did not think that was an accident. She suspected that essential evidence has been wiped out from the spot to decorate the case like accident. She had asked a vital question why all the boys fled the spot after the incident happened? Police told her that they started investigating the case assuming a murder case.

There are lot of questions in the mind of people. Relatives and other local people are of the opinion that this case is being delineated and well-decorated by the police department so that it looks like an accident. There may be a big game of money, power and contacts which pressurized the police department to do their work in a manipulating way.

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