Push-up must be in your workout list

Push-up must be in your workout list

Push-up must be in your workout list. Image Courtesy – https://www.nasm.org

Trying push-ups for the first time might be way too strenuous; giving it a stretch is even more hectic. But experts consider it as one of the best work-out moves. We know, every expert has their own view regarding this matter but almost all of them agree anonymously that properly practice of push-up bring the best result. The advantage of this move is, it does not require any additional instrument and can be mastered easily, and can be performed anywhere.

Okay! Enough of introduction now and let me tell you why it is so necessary for a daily work-out plan.

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The prime focus of push-up is always chest, shoulder and triceps but it gives strength to the core muscles, back and quads [the muscles surrounding femur] as well.

Now let me tell you, how this procedure needs to be done step-by-step.

Hope, from the name you must have understood its basics by now. Put your body flat keeping your palm and feet on ground. Make sure you put it in such a way so that you are in a good balance. Now move your torso up and downwards eventually, as the name suggests.

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While trying this out, keep few things in mind and they are:

(i)Keep your spine straight and engage your core in such way that the belly button remain as close as possible to your spine. It will set your body in the proper posture.

(ii) To get better balance keep your forearm attached to your body but keep your arm loose from your body, keep it firm.

(iii) Do not look too much up or down. This will break your body alignment. If you continue in the wrong posture for long, you may end up hurting your neck.

(iv) Do not break your leg from knee. It will not give you the much awaited result.

(v) Keep your hand firm but do not keep it fixed. Make it work properly. Without using the hands also you can move your hips but it will bring negative result.

(vi) Do not cross your ankles or do not let your body-trunk touch the ground.

(vii) Do as many as you can, do not push yourself to strain much.

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Once you become master to perform you can expand your limit, but start with 10 Push-ups. Even after mastering, make a set of 10 Push-ups. Do 2-3 sets at a time. Again, it is unnecessary to remind its importance. Throughout this article, I tried to help you with it only. So, do not delay and make a habit of practising it regularly and get a proper shape with optimum result.

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