Realize the fact – why Your Friends Go to Gym and You Don’t?

Realize the fact – why Your Friends Go to Gym and You Don’t?

Why Your Friends Go to Gym and You Don’t? Image Courtesy –

This article is for those people who have made a checklist of ‘10 things to do before I die’ long back with a ‘go to a gym’ checkbox still remains unchecked. If you are the same kind of a person, you better buckle up because this article will really motivate you to join a gym without further ado. But, you first need to know what it takes to finally join a gym without sitting back idle and thinking for ages!

The Photo Frame Ego

All your friends go to the gym except you. Now, imagine a day when all your friends decide to take a group photo flexing their arms. Being a part of the group, you certainly feel shy and step back. If your friends are too generous, they will force you to be a part of the frame but still, you will look awful in that shot. You will think that your friends will make fun of you later when they show the picture to someone else. You know why! If you have faced such embarrassing situations in life, do not let them come again. Join a gym and say goodbye to this photo frame ego.

The Day You Stood Still

Life is full of surprises and of course, these surprises have a fair share of heartache. Do you remember the day when you last cried? Do you remember the day when you saw the girl you like with someone who looks a lot like Chris Evans! You were that person who was standing behind a pole. It was the day when you first started to hate yourself and stood still being totally stupid. You could have easily impressed that girl who had a thing for muscular guys. The only thing you needed to do was joining a gym a year earlier. That winning moment is gone from your life because you are the person who let it go this way. Now, think again about your stance in joining the gym debate.

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Excuses and Results

A wise man has said it right in the past that one can either have a lot of excuses or results but not both. You can either sit back in your sofa living life with your dear excuses or you can take charge and change your future. Regular body training makes you strong and confident. All the things you fancy will follow your way when you are prepared to welcome them in your life. This can only be done when you have a good athlete-like figure. Life is a war and all the excuses are your enemies. Now it is your choice to either sit back idle and let people call you a nerd or else be a warrior and fight back.

Tomorrow Never Ever Comes

Motivation sometimes acts like poison when you finally come to a point that you will do it from tomorrow. It kills the whole thing instantly and by the next morning when you wake up from sleep, you will forget all about it. So, do not stick to an uncertain ‘tomorrow’ while you can do it from today.

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