Jyoti Kumari of Darbhanga brings back story of Shravan Kumar of the Ramayana

Jyoti Kumari of Darbhanga brings back story of Shravan Kumar of the Ramayana

Ivanka Trump praised the struggling story of Jyoti Kumari of Darbhanga. Image Courtesy – The Bridge

According to the story of the Epic Ramayana, there lived a boy called Shravan Kumar. He was very unlucky because both of his parents were blind. So, he had to look after his parents and also perform all types of household works throughout the day.

He was really a very responsible son and used to do all the work of his parents with full of keenness and liability. None of the desires of his parents remained unsatisfied as he always tried his best to serve his parents.

At a time, his parents desired to go on a pilgrimage. On hearing this, Shravan Kumar was very pleased. He needed to fulfil his parent’s desires. He made a balance like a device by which he could move his parents on the way to pilgrimage putting it on his shoulders. Thus, Shravan Kumar made his journey by putting his blind parents on his shoulder. It has been a watermark for responsibility to the parents since the age of the ‘Ramayana’.

15-year-old Jyoti Kumari of Darbhanga district of Bihar went to Gurgaon in January to look after her ailing father, Mohan Paswan. Her mother, an Aanganwadi worker was taking care of her four younger siblings in their village. Jyoti’s father had an accident a few months ago and became unable to work. Meanwhile, there was a lockdown started in March and Jyoti got stuck in Gurgaon.

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Their landlord gave Mohan Paswan an ultimatum for payment of the due rent or to leave the home. Paswan promised to pay all the dues after the lockdown was over. As they were not much financially efficient, her father soon became penniless and both of them started to face starvation.

Meanwhile, one thousand rupees came from the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. Jyoti, after adding some more money, bought an old bicycle and decided to bring her father back to the village. Her father did not agree at first, but he gave his consent later after observing her daughter’s courage.

Jyoti travelled 1200 kilometres with her bi-cycle and reached Sirhulli in Darbhanga from Gurgaon with her father sitting back after 8 days of struggle. Meanwhile, Dr Govind Chandra Mishra of Educational Foundation at Paktola in Radhi Western Panchayat has also offered free education to Jyoti and also a job to her father Mohan Paswan. The Foundation has decided to extend all possible help to Mohan Paswan and his daughter Jyoti.

The story of struggle, after coming to the limelight, many people and organizations have contacted to help Jyoti and her family.

 Jyoti is a student of class VIII. Therefore, help will be given to promote her studies. Simultaneously, the Cycling Federation of India has given an option to her to appear for a trial in the next month. Omkar Singh, The Chairman, Cycling Federation of India, called her and blessed her for bravery.

The news of confidence and courage of Darbhanga’s Jyoti Kumari has reached America through an online publication (Live Mint). Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump, praised Jyoti’s courage and shared her struggling story on her Twitter account.

Thousands of people have viewed this twitter feed and Jyoti has become famous due to her confidence and courage. Hope, her struggle will bring success in her life and uplift her family from the dungeon of poverty.

Reference: Live Hindustan

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