Is it safe to have sex in the second trimester of pregnancy?

Is it safe to have sex in the second trimester of pregnancy?

Is it safe to have sex in the second trimester of pregnancy? Image Courtesy – Insider

If your sex life has been completely normal in the first trimester of pregnancy without any discomfort, then in the second trimester, there is no problem in continuing sexual relations despite the growing belly.

If you could not get interested in having sexual relationship due to nausea, vomiting and other complication in the first trimester, you might feel better about having sex in this trimester.

A question automatically will come to your mind if there will be any change in my sex life in the stage of pregnancy.

The symptoms of the first trimester gradually decrease and you feel more energetic. In this time, you may feel an improvement in your sexual desire as well.

Blood flow gradually increases into the genital and pelvic area and it revives your interest for sexual relation. Increased blood flow to the genital and pelvic area may revive your interest for sexual relation. You may now find it easier to reach the climax.

Your partner may feel that your growing body looks more attractive. But, if you are not feeling as erotic as your partner or in the case where your partner’s sexual desire is not matching with you, just do not have to be worried about it. It can take a few days for many pregnant women to regain their libido.

You should always have a discussion with your partner about your feeling and desire for sexual relation. The sensitivity you felt in your breasts and genital in the first trimester may extend in the starting of the second trimester. Your communication with your partner will let him know about your physical and mental state in that stage of pregnancy.

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You may want to know which stages are better to have a sexual relationship during the second trimester.

The second trimester is one of the best times for sexual relationship. Your enlarged abdomen may have begun to appear a little longer. But, it will not create any problem for having sex.

Most of the stages in pregnancy are safe for lovemaking. This depends upon your comfortability with your enlarged abdomen. You can try different positions that suit you.

A vital question may come into your mind. Can a sexual relationship in this stage of pregnancy harm my baby?

Your baby is safe in the amniotic sac in the uterus. An amniotic sac is a bladder in which a baby remains safe. The bladder is filled with a straw-coloured fluid in which the baby floats and moves. This fluid is called amniotic fluid that helps the baby to remain safe from bumps and injury. The fluid maintains a constant temperature and helps in developing lungs, liver, pancreas, musculoskeletal system of the baby.

When you have sex, the baby does not feel any pain or pressure; actually the baby cannot understand what is happening. However, if you have complications associated with a history of low placenta or cervical insufficiency, it may be safe for you to abstain from having sex for some time; and then it is obvious to consult your doctor before having sex again.

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