Governor of Alabama is being accused of Sex Scandal

Governor of Alabama is being accused of Sex Scandal

Governor of Alabama is being accused of Sex Scandal. Image Courtesy –

Alabama legislators will attempt to charge Republican Gov. Robert Bentley over allegations that he took part in an extramarital affair with a previous employee. The name of the Governor Robert Bentley was being attached with Rebekah Caldwell Mason, his Senior Political Advisor.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Republican State Rep. Ed Henry declared he has recorded articles of reprimand against the state’s governor for some reasons, including disregard of obligation, corruption and inability in office at a news meeting on Tuesday. “We’re looking at this governor who has essentially betrayed the trust of the people of Alabama”, Henry said. He also told that the people of Alabama need to mark this issue only through the reprimand process.

On the other hand, Bentley made a statement that this allegation has been made only to malign his image, and it has been done completely out of political motivation. He has experienced harsh criticism after affirmations surfaced of his charged association with his previous advisor, Rebekah Caldwell Mason. The allegations originated from the previous leader of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, who was dismissed by the governor for the charge of wrongdoing, as indicated by the Journal.

The 73 year old governor told that it had no justification of prosecution; and also assured that he would defend himself and his administration aggressively from this kind of political attack.

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