Narendra Modi’s campaign in Bengal

Narendra Modi’s campaign in Bengal

Narendra Modi’s campaign in Bengal. Image Courtesy –

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is trying to gain its position in West Bengal where it has been observed as a less than marginal political force. The party is determined to secure some benefit as the ruling TMC is being embarrassed by several cases of corruption in the state. The BJP has sent its prime ministerial candidate to visit various places of West Bengal, and this is for the third time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also come on 27th April to Uttarpara of West Bengal regarding campaigning for two BJP candidates. The one is Bappi Lahiri in Serampore, and the other is Chandan Mitra in Hooghly. He will visit to Asansol on the 4th May to strengthen BJP’s campaign for Babul Supriyo.

In a political campaign on Thursday Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee boycotted several meetings called by the centre to discuss the issue about the States’ development. He also alleged that Mamata Banerjee failed to implement any transformation despite her call for “paribartan”(change), thus misled the people of Bengal. Modi strongly accused that the slogan of Trinamool Congress –

“Maa-Maati-Maanush” has become “Maut(death) and Money” which ‘Narada’ sting operation has exposed.

Narendra Modi at a public meeting in Asansol, West Bengal. Image Courtesy –

Narendra Modi also criticized Ms Banerjee regarding the recent collapse of ‘Vivekananda Flyover’ of Kolkata which was under construction – saying that Mamata Banerjee started the same old blame game instead of starting emergency relief work accompanying the central force of Army.

Modi said, “The major thing she did was to put the fault on the Left to give the agreement of the flyover. However, in the event that the flyover was finished, would she have praised the Left? But, conversely she would have displayed the credit for her government for the flyover.” According to Modi, when Mamata Banerjee assumed control over the administration it appeared that she would attempt to set things right in the State after the mismanagement of the Left. “Instead, she just conveyed forward the legacy of the Left, and drove the State to further destroy.”

Alluding to the Sarada chit fund scam, he said, “If ‘Didi’ tries to spare those persons included in it, she ought to be sent back.” With his speech to the general people, he appealed to give the BJP a scope, because in his opinion, wherever the BJP was in power there was improvement.

But, despite all his efforts with campaigning in Bengal, it is very much worth noting till the results come that how much people of Bengal can go nearer with BJP and RSS. In past days also, we observed that people of Bengal always try to keep a safe distance with ‘RSS’ and ‘Vajrang Dal’. So, we must wait up to the declaration of election results to watch how much ‘Modi Magic’ can bring a positive effect into BJP’s account.

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