Freewill can change your destiny along with Karma correction & Vedic remedies

Freewill can change your destiny along with Karma correction & Vedic remedies

Freewill can change your destiny along with Karma correction and Vedic remedies. Image Courtesy –

Most of you would have pondered over the question – “If all is destined, then what is my role in this lifetime and where does my freewill come into play?” Freewill is your power of acting without the constraint of fate; the ability to act at your own discretion.

Just like the human body is composed of various biological and chemical substances water etc. Likewise at the nano-level, your body and mind are influenced by the 9 planets of the zodiac. Each of which affects your instincts, behavior and attitude that in turn shape your destiny. Every planet corresponds to a human nature and instinct as well as to a specific sound, symbol, color and actions which either magnify or block the effects of that planet on you. If we pick up the Sun for a quick example – then the state of your relations with your father, boss in your office, government, health, ego and public status would decide whether the Sun is favourable or unfavourable from any inherent weakness that needs to be remedied. A good Vedic Astrologer can assess the true strength of the Sun, which need not be a mathematical figure but a combined analysis of your birth chart along with answer to a series of questions. Sharing of some events of your life with us that would help to evaluate what exactly the position of the Sun and other planets in your horoscope.

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With such an analysis, you can improve the effects of the Sun and other planets on your life by – (i) Karma corrections and (ii) Astrological Remedies

Karma corrections include carrying out such acts and changes in yourself that align the good effects of the Sun and also the other planets on you.

Astrological Remedies include carrying out Vedic prayers, actions and replacement to the nature and society that would correct the Sun’s influence in your life.

Karma Correction and Vedic Remedies Reading:

It is a combined analysis of your horoscope and a series of assessments of your events would enable us to recommend a combination of modifications in your actions (karma) and a set of Vedic Remedies to help overcome any adverse effects and improve the dignity of planets in your horoscope. Many events in your life, like marriage, movement from home, shifting of home, child birth, purchasing of home, romantic relationship etc. trigger off dormant planets in your chart. An expert in this field can point out such events and make recommendations to trigger or to avoid such events for better fortune and destiny.

Karma Correction and Vedic Remedies are important to actually make changes that could reshape your destiny. Generally a report is prepared after reading your birth chart in detail and unique results are also predicted that would occur on a particular time in your life span.

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