Counting of calorie is possible now from food photo

Counting of calorie is possible now from food photo

The news is certainly creating curiousness among people that Google is going to count calories on Instagram photos. The company is developing a project which will recognize Instagram uploaded food pictures and count the number of calories in the food accordingly.

This powerful tool was announced at the meeting of ‘Rework Deep Learning’ at Boston with a project codename ‘Im2Calories’. Kevin P Murphy, a Google research scientist stated that the project utilizes an advanced algorithm of deep learning to scrutinize still picture of food, estimating the amount of calories on the dish. Despite the fact that these sustenance stuffs are not all inclusive units of estimation, the framework could gage the measure of every bit of nourishment in connection to the plate, along with any additional ingredients too. Murphy also told that they have made the system as ‘semi-automate’. It would be enough that people would start using the system if it worked 30% of their estimation. They would make it more perfect in future gradually collecting data from various sources.

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The project utilizes visual eximination to determine the amount of calories present in the food item by judging its size and shape. Murphy told that the system do the analysis of the depth of the every pixel of an image. Although it is in an early stage, and not at all completely accurate with its calorie readings, but still people are interested with this new gift of technology.

Murphy’s target is to simplify the system of maintaining food record and food identification. In his opinion, it will be effortless in giving input to a food application than manually feeding informations.

As the problem of ‘Obesity’ remains a crisis in US, it is considered that Im2Calories may be very popular in the country. Murphy thinks that despite of having accuracy level up to 20%, the new system will definitely have an impact in the society.

Google spokesman Jason Freidenfelds told in a conversation with CNET that algorithms of ‘Im2Calories’ are still in development stage. They have no actual product plan at this stage of development.

Google’s brilliant nourishment journal as really ‘sort of idiotic’, disclosed by a report of Verge. In spite of the fact that there is no doubt in Google’s capacity to gather and process information from a substantial number of clients, it may face its toughest challenge which is rotates around how inconsistent calorie checking truly is.

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