Yogic ways to control Obesity

Yogic ways to control Obesity

Agnisar Kriya by Yoga Guru Suneel Singh (Top Picture). Image Courtesy – Vijay Gautam.

What is Obesity?

Obesity means having too much body fat. It is not similarly as being overweight, i.e. weighing too much. A person may carry overweight with extra muscle, bone, water – indicating that he is having too much of fat.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity and overweight become a global problem since the last decade. If we can remember of 2005, approximately 1.6 billion adults above the age of 15 years were overweight. More than 400 million adults were overweight and at least 20 million children below 5 years were overweight.

Health experts believe that if the trend of 2015 continues, around 2.3 billion adults will be overweight in the future and more than 700 million will grow obesity. The quantity of the obesity problem has created serious results for individuals as well as government health systems.

Obesity Factors

1. Hereditary: Obesity has a genetic link; children of obese parents are 80% more likely to be obese.

2. Physiological Factors: Pregnancy, menopause, Puberty, various illness, sedentary life style and inadequate nutritional treatment.

3. Psychological Factors: Marriage, problem at work, marital problems, social problems, idleness, stress.

4. Diseases: Hypothyroidism Cushing’s syndrome, poly cystic ovarian disorder.

5. Medicines: Oral contraceptive, steroids and depressants.

Obesity worrisome Health Issue

a) Hypertension
b) Sleep Apnea
c) Respiratory problem like Asthma
d) Cancers (like endometrial prostate, kidney, Breast and colon
e) Fatty liver disease
f) Type II diabetes
g) Strokes, Gall Bladder disease
h) Heart disease
i) Osteoarthritis
j) And High cholesterol etc.

Yoga and subtle kiryas are good to control obesity.

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1. Engine Gati: Engine Gati is running on the spot. Yoga has launched ‘Engine Gati’ or ‘Hardya Gati’ system of exercise as one of the best of exercises for all round physical benefits. In engine Gati, you have to stand on the ground. Now start running on the spot. Your hands will move like Rail engine ballet in front of you. While running, you will be hitting your hip with your ankles. The entire action has to be sermonized with normal breathing. Your spine, neck and shoulder will remain straight. One should do the Engine Gati to begin with 2 minutes, than later on, increase the time according to your capacity.

Prevention: People who are suffering from Heart problem and knee problem should practice ‘Engine Gati’ under the guidance of Yoga Guru.

Engine Gati (Left) and Shaking Gati (Right).

2. Shaking Gati:this is one of the best kriya to be done after Engine Gati. Although this has been mentioned by one of world renowned guru in his ‘kundalini meditation’ but here this kriya is a bit different with what has been taught in ‘Kundalini meditation’. You have to stand on the ground with your eyes closed. Now, start shivering your body, starting from your legs. Slowly – slowly shiver your entire body. Involve your mind into this physical kriya, shaking Gati. Now let your whole body shake. Do this kriya minimum for 2 to 3 minutes. After completing this ‘kriya’, lie down on your back in ‘Shavasan’ for five minutes and remain still, only concentrate on your breathing.

Benefits: This kriya is very good for cardiovascular system, endocrine system, circulatory, respiratory and digestive system. It influences all hormonal secretions and relieves you from various gynecological disorders. Both are very good kriya to shed weight.

3. Agnisar Kriya:Sit down in Vajrasna or Sukhasna. Place your hands on your knees and close your eyes. Relax the whole Body for few minutes. Straighten your arms and slighty lean forward. Now exhale, emptying the lungs as much as possible. Contract and expand the abdominal muscles rapidly for as long as it is possible to hold the Breath outside comfortably. Do not strain. Now, loosen your body and breathe normally before starting the next round. This is one round. Beginners should practice it for 10 rounds and with regular practice, go upto 50 rounds, subject to time available.

Precaution: People suffering from higher blood pressure, heart problem, peptic ulcer and should not perform this kriya. And pregnant women should also not practice this.

Benefits: Agnisar stimulates the five prana. This is one of best kriya for obesity, indigestion, and sluggishness of the liver and kidney.

4. Trikonasana – I: Stand straight with your feet one meter apart and your toes facing forward. Look at the front place of the palms of your hands on each side of the waist with the fingers pointing downwards. Now slowly bend to the right from the waist. While Sliding the right hands down along the outside of the right thigh as far as possible. And try to touch the right foot. Stay in the final position for as long as you are comfortable. Now raise the trunk to the upright position. Repeat the same on the left side to complete one round. Practice minimum 5 rounds each side.

Trikonasana 1 (Left) and Trikonasana 2 (Right).

5. Trikonasana – II: Stand in the same position as in earlier asana. Now while breathing in, raise the arms sideways up to the shoulder level. This is the starting position. While breathing out, bend forward. Twist the trunk to the left, bringing the right hand to the left foot. The left arm should be out stretched out vertically so that both arms form a straight line. Look up at the left hand. Remain in this position, feeling the twist and stretch of the back. Return to the center forward position. Do it with other side also. This is one round. Minimum 5 rounds each side.

Benefits: This series will tone the entire body. It affects the muscles on the sides of the trunk, the waist and the back of legs. Good Asana for reducing waistline fat.

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