How to select a cheap domain name?

How to select a cheap domain name?

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Buying a dedicated domain name has a number of benefits. You can host a personalized website and use a custom-made email address relevant to that or as same as your company name. A few crucial factors are mentioned below that you should keep in mind when you decide to buy a popular domain name for your business.

Compare the Price and Value Ratio

While buying a domain name, you should have a clear and logical mind. You should not expect a highly popular domain name at a throwaway price. The price of a domain name often tells you the whole story about its value and future possibilities. Still, you need to double-check the value of a domain name using your own intellect. Do not go by random advice. A one-word domain will always be costly because it is easy to remember and most people will use the word in their searches. You can knock the price down by adding another common word before it. For example, you can add the word ‘theme’ into the domain name ‘’, and then it becomes ‘’. Do not go for a ‘cheap domain name’ with the intentional misspelling. You will eventually lose traffic in this way.

Avoid Special Characters  

You will find hundreds of available cheap domain name online containing special characters. These names may seem lucrative as they are shorter and easy to remember but this is not actually what you should be looking for. For example, ‘biz*.com’. These names divert traffic as most people do not like to use special characters while entering website addresses. You should go with a simpler form of names excluding the special character like ‘’.

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Look for trusted certification

You should search in any trusted domain registrar before buying a domain name. One of such certified registrar is the ICANN accreditation company. This is a legitimate portal to find trusted and globally recognized domain names from legitimate owners.

Have your control

Some domain name hosting companies charge you an additional fee for full ownership. Some companies will charge you every time, you migrate your website to another host. This is totally absurd and unreasonable. You should have full access to the domain name once you buy it and no additional charges should be there.

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Free email accounts

Some domain name providers offer you a few email addresses at no extra cost once you buy a domain name from them. It is a very lucrative offer and you must grab it because you need to pay additional charges afterward if you opt-out of this offer. You should also make sure that the domain hosting company is offering at least 15 to 20 POP3 emails as this is the best deal in buying a ‘cheap domain’ for the startup. These email accounts will be helpful in giving a personalized look to your startup business and your customers will think that your business product, services, and customer support are reliable.

It is not an easy job for pointing out an effective domain name for your business. Try to follow the tips mentioned here and you will be able to perform this job with a lot more confidence.

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