White House may include Pakistan into Immigration Ban List

White House may include Pakistan into Immigration Ban List

White House may include Pakistan into Immigration Ban List. Image Courtesy – http://discover-usa.net

As it was declared previously by Donald Trump that he would take necessary steps to eradicate terrorism from the soil of America as well as from the world if he could be elected as US President. He has kept his promise.

The US President has banned immigration from 7 Muslim countries. His administration has initially considered one more country into the list of ban on immigration – is none other than Pakistan. Reince Priebus, the White House Chief of Staff, has already acknowledged that they considered Pakistan to be included in the list. The ban is declared on people travelling from 7 Muslim dominated countries like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia.

Reince Priebus also told the press that Obama Administration and Congress marked names of the seven countries because of dangerous terrorism activities.

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Now, the people coming from Pakistan and Afganistan are undergoing critical examination as per Donald Trump’s executive order. If the US Government includes Pakistan into the ban list, it will be a great shock to the Pakistani government. Thousands of Pakistani people are permanent residents of USA. So they will obviously face great problem.

Since a very long time, Pakistan has been nurturing terrorist activities and they used terrorism as a tool to use against India. At the same time they played a double role when dealing with the US.

All major terrorist groups like ‘Tehrik-e Taliban’, ‘Lashkar-e-Tayyiba’, ‘Al-Shabaab’, ‘Hezbollah’, ‘Boko Haram’, ‘Taliban’, ‘Al-Qaeda’, ‘ISIS’ are connected with Pakistan and Afghanistan. A researcher of USA placed his question, “How can the action of Donald Trump be successful against radical jihadists by excluding Pakistan and Saudi Arabia from his ban list?”

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