US President warned companies for not to leave US

US President warned companies for not to leave US

US President warned companies for not to leave US. Image Courtesy –

Donald Trump talked at the ‘Carrier Plant’ in Indianapolis on Thursday, 1st December 2016, formally declaring his concurrence with the organization to keep the plant open. He also announced his agreement with the company to save approximately 1,000 employments from moving to Mexico.

Amid his speech at ‘Carrier Plant’ he conveyed a strong message for US organizations that needed to outsource jobs to different nations. In his words, actions would be taken against such companies. He told that the US Government would not allow companies to leave the US anymore.

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As indicated by Vice President-elect Mike Pence, Carrier, which principally used to produce air conditioners, has contributed $16 million to keep the plant in Indiana open. In spite of that, the organization still wanted to move 700 employments to Mexico in February, 2017.

In his speech, Donald Trump included that organizations that do attempt to outsource employments would face vigorous burden; and not only that, if they would try to leave the US, the situation would be exceptionally troublesome for them. But organizations that would save jobs for US, would be given facilities of lower business taxes from ‘35% to 15%’ during his tenure.

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As a Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has much of the time focused on India through his talk, blaming India and China for taking unreasonable ‘favorable position of the United States’ and has utilized widely spreading broadcast verbal confrontations and rallies to pillory outsourcing. Leaders of Indian business industry were worried that Trump administration could adversely affect the nation.

Reserve Bank of India indicated that software services of India represented $82 billion-worth of exports in the fiscal year finishing in March 2015. They also told that 60% of business came from North America.

Now, it would be a noticeable factor how much impact would draw upon the Indian industry by the recent step of the US President.

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