Samadipta, the Kolkata girl is now in the spotlight after receiving the praise of Lata Mangeshkar

Samdipta, the Kolkata girl is now in the spotlight after receiving praise of Lata Mangeshkar

Samadipta, the Kolkata girl is now in the spotlight after receiving the praise of Lata Mangeshkar. Image Courtesy –

A short tweet from Lata Mangeshkar has changed the life of a Bengali girl from Behala, Kolkata overnight. In the World Music Day, Samadipta Mukherjee felt like if she could do something a little different? What she did was she sang the Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G minor on Indian Sargam and posted it on Facebook. Though it got like and comment also on Facebook, but did not go viral.

The expectation has changed since Monday afternoon. Even though it escaped from many, Samadipta’s song reached the proper place. Lata Mangeshkar heard the song! Not only did she listen, but she also shared her song on each of her social media handles and blessed them with all her heart.

Tweet of Lata Mangeshkar. Image Courtesy – Twitter

Samadipta did not know any of these things. She was busy with other work. Her smartphone was also in another room. Suddenly she came back and saw thousands of phone calls, messages and greetings. At first, she did not understand anything. When she returned to her consciousness, her hands and feet were shaking. Tears are coming to her eyes. This was also possible! She was completely spellbound! The person whom she has been worshipped as God for so many years, has shared her song?

Her mother cried with the outburst of emotion as soon as she ran and give the news to her parents. Her father turned his hand on her head and caressed her, saying, “From now on, the responsibility of singing well has increased a lot.”

By then, Samadipta was viral. Her song is circulating across Facebook, with Lataji’s tweets. The girl of Behala has come to the limelight suddenly. Several phone calls from media persons and a lot of phone calls from the friends are coming which have never been happened in her life before.

Today she is accustomed to the situation. In a telephonic interview with the Anandabazar Patrika, she told, “I didn’t really know what to say at first. I shot the video on my mobile and posted it on Facebook. I never thought that such a gift would be waiting.”

A question was being placed at the time of the interview – why did you want to experiment with Mozart’s Symphony without singing on Music Day? “I attended a workshop of Devajyoti Mishra several years ago. He used to say, Listens to Mozart, listens to Beethoven. I sat in practice, and it was done …”, she was saying.

Although there was the praise of Lata Mangeshkar, there was no break yet. Samadipta wants to teach music. Similarly, studies are going on vigorously. At the same time, music training is going on. It all started with her elder uncle when she was four years old.

The video which got viral confirmed that Samadipta is really a talented singer of Indian classical music, and she can go to the top-level performances in the field of classical music. We also wish her grand success in future.

Reference: Anandabazar

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