10 herbal methods to make your hair soft and shiny

10 herbal methods to make your hair soft and shiny

10 herbal methods to make your hair soft and shiny. Image Courtesy –https://beauty-en.htgetrid.com

10 herbal methods are described here to make hair soft and shiny. They are very much useful for all types of hair – dry, oily and normal. If you also want to make your hair healthy and beautiful, then you must adopt herbal home remedies to make your hair soft and shiny.

(i) Grind the leaves of pointed gourd and extract the juice and apply it on the head. Wash when it dries. Hair loss will stop after doing this for 2-3 months. The extract of pointed gourd helps to remove bald patches also.

(ii) Massage your hair with light hands with coconut oil while sleeping at night. By doing this 3-4 times in a week, the hair will not get grey quickly. This process is very helpful to maintain the black shine of the hair.

(iii) Grind Indian gooseberry and apply it on the head at bedtime and wash it in the morning. This makes the hair long, dark and soft.

(iv) Wash your hair with Indian gooseberry, Yogurt, Soap-pod, Soap Berries. It relieves the problem of dandruff and makes your hair smooth.

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(v) Soak Indian gooseberry powder in water and put it on the hair. This makes hair healthy and dark. Using Indian gooseberry powder for the hair prevents the dryness and accumulation of dandruff. Its anti-bacterial properties are effective in preventing the formation of dandruff. It helps to remove the impurities on the scalp and restores the pH levels of the skin.

(vi) Mix powder of Indian gooseberry in lemon juice and apply it to hair roots. By doing this your hair will grow very quickly.

(vii) Apply coconut or olive oil to the hair before sleeping at night and apply lemon juice before bathing in the morning. Dandruff will end.

(viii) Mix lemon juice and honey in 2:1 radio and rub the mixture in hair roots daily and wash it after half an hour of rubbing. All your hair complaints will be removed and your hair will become long, thick and dark by doing this process regularly.

(ix) Apply buttermilk to the hair for 10-15 minutes. Then wash with clean water. Your hair will look dark and shiny.

(x) To add shine to your hair, wash hair by adding lemon juice into the water. If you can mix Indian gooseberry into it the mixture will give you more benefit.

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