Don’t worry for your dry hair – treat it naturally

Don't worry for your dry hair – treat it naturally

Don’t worry for your dry hair – treat it naturally. Image Courtesy – &

If you take excessive care for your hair or you are not following proper daily diet regime, your hair starts drying up and it loses its natural strength and starts falling in a pre-matured way. Body hair is a complex formulation of a special type of protein named Keratine. You need to follow proper remedies to bring your hair back into its normal condition.

Today, I will tell you few healthy tips on how to get natural hair treatment for dry hair.

Use oil– There is no need to remind you that, oil is the basic and natural conditioner for your hair and everyone knows the importance of applying oil so I am no repeating it again.

Hot oil treatment– Putting oil in your hair and scalp helps in removing the dryness. This will work better if you apply hot oil. Hot oil massage for your hair and scalp gives good nourishment.

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Use vinegar– Vinegar is a very good option for your hair nourishment. If you wash your hair thrice in a week with vinegar, it will give a very good glow and it will also remove dryness.

Use tea extract– Boil a table teaspoon of tea leaves in normal water and wash your hair with it, after shampooing your hair. Tea extract is a very good conditioner. It returns your hair glow and helps you in your hair shining.

Use egg yolk and milk-once in a fortnight, make a pack of egg yolk and milk and apply it in your hair. Let the pack for 15 minutes and let it dry. After that, rinse your hair carefully with normal water. You need not to use additional chemical (as in shampoo). But be careful about washing it properly, so that it does not leave any trace. Or else, it will stink.

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Use yogurt– If you do not want to apply milk or egg in your hair, you can apply yogurt or curd also. Yogurt is also very good for nourishing your hair.

Apart from these, just be careful about exposing your hair on direct sunlight or moisture, both harms your hair very much. Also before swimming, put a cap. Cover your hair before going out or tie it properly.

That’s it. And, your hair will shine again.

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