Opportunity to Work from Home will be available for Central Government workers

Opportunity to Work from Home will be available for Central Government workers

Opportunity to Work from Home will be available for Central Government workers. Image Courtesy – Khaleej Times

So many people are being forced to work from home in the country-wide lockdown from March 22, 2020. According to a media source, the central government is thinking that workers will be given the opportunity to work from home even after the lockdown. The central government workers could be given the opportunity to work from home for 15 days in a year. The workers will be given laptops on behalf of the government for those days. A guide is being made to implement the order.

A draft for Work from Home has been prepared by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances. The central government employees will have to maintain social distancing in the office, so there has to be a control in coming to the office. Duty hours are subject to change in this regard.

The government is preparing a general rule for work from home system. The government officials are discussing a way by which a worker can open government files at home maintaining the confidentiality of the data.

The Department of Administrative Reforms has proposed to create a ‘Virtual Private Network’ for the Deputy Secretary and his senior staffs. Then the workers can open government files remotely. A ‘Virtual Private Network’ or VPN is a specific network that expands a private network beyond a public network and making users capable to send and receive data across the shared or public networks in such a way that seem like their computing devices are directly connected to the private network.

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Since the lockdown has been imposed in the country from March 22 to prevent infection from coronavirus, most of the IT companies are operating through ‘work from home’ process. Although it has been announced that the lockdown will take place up to May 17, 2020, any extension of the lockdown may happen also. Everything will not be normal soon. Areas with high alert will be shut down. Shops will open elsewhere. Vehicles will also be operated gradually maintaining specific rules and regulations.

Social distancing must be maintained everywhere. That is the reason many employees have to do office work from home. So, it will become an alternative way of work in the coming days.

As of now, most of the IT level companies are working with this ‘work from home’ system. This trend will gradually increase in the coming days. Many more companies will be interested to engage with their employees in this system. Companies that will engage with their staffs in this system, do not have to arrange for sitting arrangements in their office, at the same time, there will be save of electricity, water, consumption of air-conditioning systems etc. On the other hand, it will be beneficial for the staffs as they do not have to travel to their office and back, and it will usually save a huge amount of time and money in their part.

We should not forget that our previous days will not come to us in the near future. We have to reach to our previous status very slowly because coronavirus will not get vanished from the world very soon. We have to adopt some of the rules and habits that we are maintaining now currently, along with maintaining social distancing.

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