Narendra Modi topped the list of Facebook popularity

Narendra Modi topped the list of Facebook popularity

Narendra Modi has got 45 million likes on the Facebook page. This number focused him as the number one leader of the country according to the popularity of Facebook. He is followed by the US President Donald Trump. However, the number of likes is far behind, 27 million likes are there on Trump’s Facebook page. Queen Rania of Jordan is at number three position; she has got 17.8 million likes.

However, Narendra Modi is far behind in terms of Facebook interaction. Donald Trump is number one in this regard. In the last 12 months, Trump’s Facebook page has received 309 million comments and likes. Jair Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil is in second place with 205 million interactions on his page in a year. Narendra Modi is in the third place with 84 million interactions. Burson Cohn & Wolfe, a multinational public relations and communications firm of New York released the ranking of ‘World Leaders on Facebook’ yesterday.

It has been four years since such a survey was published. But, this is the first time it has been judged how many real views each post has got along with how many followers. Narendra Modi can reach 17 million of his Facebook fans that is 3.6% of the total page likes. On the other hand, the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro got 9 lakh 56 thousand real views out of 10 million followers. Donald Trump got 6 lakh 7 thousand of real views.

The report was prepared by reviewing the Facebook pages of 621 world leaders in March 2020. The report says that since the beginning of Kovid-19 infection around the world, the interaction of the world leaders has been increased on the Facebook pages.

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