Medicine for rightists and beer for leftists – says Brazil’s President

Medicine for rightists and beer for leftists – says Brazil’s President

Medicine for rightists and beer for leftists – says Brazil’s President. Image Courtesy –

In the current wave of coronavirus, 365,213 people have been infected, 22,746 have died and 149,911 people have been recovered in Brazil. Brazil is currently in the second position in the list of coronavirus cases worldwide.

Every day more than 10,000 people are being infected from different parts of the country. Brazilians are blaming their President Jair Messias Bolsonaro for this situation. He never acknowledged the danger of the deadly virus. Moreover, he said that coronavirus was just a fantasy a few days ago.

President Bolsonaro has never supported lockdown. On the contrary, many complained that the industrialists were much more concerned with their business. The governor of each state finally decided to lockdown as the infection got out of control.

There has been nothing opened since the end of the March except the drug stores and supermarkets in Sao Paulo. Only home delivery was being arranged at local restaurants. The supermarkets were delivering rice and pulse from house to house. As a result, many unemployed youths have been able to earn some money if they have a bicycle. Moreover, a small amount of money is being given to small traders from the government. Many poor families have had their water bills waived.

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Since there has been no restriction on going out on the streets, travelling or social interaction has never been decreased in Brazil. The governor of Sao Paulo has ordered everyone to come out wearing masks since last week. Since then, the number of people on the streets has decreased a bit. But, the experts think that it was too late. There is no health minister in Brazil at the moment. President Bolsonaro has replaced two health ministers in the last month.

It is rumoured that he has been planning to appoint an army doctor as the health minister. Recently, Bolsonaro said that those support rightist ideology will be given hydroxychloroquine, and those support leftist ideology will be given Tubaina (a cheaper beer).

Bolsonaro’s supporters marched without a mask on last Sunday in support of lifting the lockdown, demanding that the coronavirus was created by the communists. Brazil is passing through a political turmoil presently. On the other hand, coronavirus pandemic has created a critical situation there. A section of experts feel that Brazil is going through a very tough time.

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