Islamophobic conspiracy Love Jihad took away Nikita Tomar’s life

Islamophobic conspiracy 'Love Jihad' took away Nikita Tomar's life

Islamophobic conspiracy theory ‘Love Jihad’ or ‘Romeo Jihad’ took away Nikita Tomar’s life. Image Courtesy – TellyPort

We have been hearing about several incidents happening in Pakistan for a couple of years. But, this time it happened in India. The Islamophobic conspiracy ‘Love Jihad’ took away Nikita Tomar’s life in Faridabad district of Haryana. The tendency of ‘Love Jihad‘ or ‘Romeo Jihad’ is increasing in India gradually. These Muslim fundamentalists were being patronized by several political leaders and parties to build their vote banks. Though it is unwanted, yet it is happening significantly.

The video of the murder went viral on the internet spread throughout the world because media is much more powerful now. A 21-year-old college girl of Faridabad district succumbed to death after being shot at point-blank range. Primary investigations revealed that the murder happened due to refusing the marriage and religion conversion proposal. Nikita Tomar refused Tauseef. She did not want to be converted to Islam and marry him. So, Tauseef killed her out of revenge.

Nikita’s family has alleged that the boy had been harassing the girl for several years. The boy kidnapped her in 2018. The family had to file an FIR against him and the police rescued the girl within 12 hours at that time. The police also arrested the boy. The boy could not complete his medical studies at that time as a result of that incident.

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As per the report of ACP of Ballabgarh, Jaiveer Rathi, the 2 boys, Touseef and Rehan were waiting in a car outside the college premises. Nikita came to the college for an exam. After Nikita came out of her college, they tried to take her forcefully into the car. When she refused to get into the car, Touseef shot her point-blank. Touseef and Rehan both fled away by the car immediately.

Police had arrested both the boys and kept in judicial custody for 2 days. But, along with the family, people of the entire country are demanding for exemplary punishment like ‘Hanged till Death’ or ‘encounter’ like Uttar Pradesh police.

Though it is not easy for exemplary punishment of the fundamentalist Muslim because several political leaders are to protect their family and also the financial power of the family is very high. So, a probability is there for the justice will be delayed and denied this time also.

It is India where the political leaders indulge Muslim fundamentalists and extremists. The political leaders support them only for the sake of creating huge vote banks. They do not even visualize that their activities may break the federal structure of the country.

Romeo Jihad or Love Jihad is an Islamophobic concept in which Muslim boys target girls of non-Muslim communities for religious conversion to Islam by feigning love. This concept came into focus in India in the year 2009 where conversions happened in Kerala first and then in Karnataka.

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