Demand for exemplary punishment to the Hathras rape case accused, started

Demand for exemplary punishment to the Hathras rape case accused

Demand for exemplary punishment to the Hathras rape case accused Image Courtesy – Firstpost

The manner in which Nirbhaya of Hathras has become a victim of the cruelty of the criminals, anger is increasing among the people of the whole country, which can become a problem for the Yogi government. Hathras’s Nirbhaya fought for 15 days between life and death and finally died in Delhi on Tuesday and the police also performed the last rites overnight. Demand for exemplary punishment is consolidating throughout the nation.

It was quite astonishing that the police did not co-operate with the family of the rape victim. Why the UP police was in a hurry to burn the dead body? Who pressurized them? People of this country have every right to assume that somebody or some higher officials were there to create pressure on them.

Dalit community was shocked deeply

Dalit leaders have also manifested raising their voice against the government. Outside the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, several Dalit organizations, including the ‘Bhim Army’, shouted slogans against the Yogi government. Chandrashekhar Azad sat on a ‘dharna’ in the hospital with the victim’s family.

Chandrasekhar said that all the people of the Dalit community should take to the streets and demand the death penalty for the culprits. He said that the government should not take our patience test. We would not sit peacefully until the culprits were hanged. Chandrashekhar was detained by the police and took the family to Hathras. After this, the funeral of the victim’s body was also done at night.

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Victim’s family was totally deprived

After the death of the victim, many questions have also been raised. The family has said that despite the postmortem after the death, they have not been given the body of their daughter. The police officers played the trick in this case. The family also expressed displeasure that they had no faith in the UP police.

Family members alleged that the police conducted the last rites of the body without asking them. Not only this, until the funeral of the dead body was completed, the family members were imprisoned in the house. Questions have also been raised on the law and order situation. The attitude of the UP Police is being questioned in this entire episode.

Unethical behaviour by the police

On this entire episode, the girl’s father said that he was locked in the house by the police as soon as the dead body arrived in the village from the hospital. They did not see whose body it was. The eyewitnesses also said that the police locked the family inside and kept the police guard outside. The police did not agree to wait until the morning for cremation. Even after the parents of the deceased begged for the dead body, the police personnel did not hand it over to the family. The funeral of the deceased was done at midnight.

On the other hand, the girl’s uncle said that the cremation has not been done with the family, whatever was done, done by the police. The mother had also expressed her pain. She told that when she found her daughter, a lot of blood was flowing from her body. She covered it with her scarf and the blood-soaked the cloth. The daughter’s tongue was cut off.

Video Courtesy – Mirror Now

UP government has to face the impact

Many reputed political leaders condemned the behaviour of the police department and called it reckless. The political leaders told that it was a complete failure of the Yogi Adityanath government. A demand for exemplary punishment to the Hathras rape case accused has been started and dissatisfaction to the Yogi government too.

In this case, the victim named her alleged attackers before she died. Those attackers were the upper-caste people of Takur family, named – Sandip, Ramu, Lavkush and Ravi. After the death of the girl, people marched in demand for justice.

This case has not only been focused as a rape case, but the tradition old caste-collision of India has been uncovered. This should not also be the behaviour of the police department of Uttar Pradesh. The UP government will have to face the impact of this incident in future.

In a state like Utter Pradesh, where the caste system is very much prominent in the society, proper justice to the Dalit people is rarely expected; especially, where Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath is somehow indulging the caste system.

Exemplary punishment

After the Delhi Nirbhaya case, people of this country are now demanding for exemplary punishment of the accused persons. No compensation is enough for the rape victim. The family of the deceased wants only the punishment – “hanged till death” punishment. But, as the accused persons are from ‘Takur family’ (upper cast), we know that justice will be delayed and ultimately denied.

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