IAEA to guard Rio Olympics against ISIS attack

International Atomic Agency helping to guard Rio Olympics from ISIS attack

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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has credited ‘hi-tech radiation monitors’ – including ‘individual detectors’ and ‘portable scanners’ – for use on the ground all through the Games.

Anti-terror chief of Brazil has already acknowledged about a probable threat of ISIS regarding the Rio Olympic Games to be started at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 5th of this Month. He told that ‘various measures’ have been taken to prevent any attack on Rio Olympic.

Counter terrorism executive Luiz Alberto Sallaberry told that the danger had expanded drastically in previous couple of months during various attacks throughout the Europe. He also indicated the picture as a number of suspected Brazilian people started patronizing ISIS terrorists.

The ‘dirty bomb’ fears expanded after the assaults in Brussels in the midst of cases the brothers at the heart of the plot had attempted to get atomic materials so they could assemble their own particular bomb. A Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) called ‘dirty bomb’ is a weapon that joins radioactive material with traditional explosives.

It can effectively be constructed and demonstrate to a great degree devastation. The reason for the weapon is to ‘contaminate’ the zone around the blast with radioactive material.

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Specialists say in spite of the fact that taking and exploding an atomic weapon is extremely impossible, a little measure of radioactive material could be consolidated with explosives to make a ‘dirty bomb’ fit for ‘contaminating’ a tremendous amount of region.

According to bomb experts, there are also reasons for alarm that adequate material could be formed into a rough vehicle-borne driveable nuclear weapon.

Benjamin J. Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor, Barack Obama, told earlier this year that they supposed to have a big fear, likely a nightmare of a ‘radioactive attack’.

Rhodes told that they have seen sufficient proof that terrorist groups like ISIS have no respect for human life or global standards which compelled them to approach into effective worldwide nuclear security.

The IAEA is broadly known as the world’s “Atoms for Peace” organization inside the United Nations family. It was formed in 1957 as the world’s centre for cooperation in the ‘nuclear field’, the Agency used to work with its Member States and numerous associates worldwide to propel the safe, secure and tranquil utilization of ‘nuclear technologies’.

Brazil has since quite a while ago viewed itself as a far-fetched focus of terrorists on account of its ‘historical standing’ as an uncommitted, multicultural country that is free from enemies. Mr Sallaberry likewise affirmed that a dependable risk to state security had been made a year ago. Mr Sallaberry also told that his organization had taken a various measures to turn away a potential assault; incorporating imparting data to remote security constrains and enhanced preparing.

In any case, security specialists have cautioned that numerous Brazilian authorities were now aware how huge a phase the Olympics would be for anybody looking to start terrorism, either through an attack on Olympic Games venues, or the competitors and 5,00,000 expected visitors who would be present there.

Brazilian authorities, energetic to pull off South America’s first Olympics after effectively facilitating the soccer World Cup in 2014, have said already they will guarantee an Olympic Games beginning on August 5. Olympic coordinators planned to deploy around 85,000 security forces for the Games, twofold the number utilized as a part of London in 2012.

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