How to write content – a guide to beginners

How to write content – a guide to beginners

How to write content – for beginners. Image Courtesy –

Well, while going through articles in various blogs we often find useless contents, which are just written for SEO. They are neither very informative nor helpful for the readers. Some of them may contain attention-drawing headline or sometimes they have list posts but the article is not rich with information or they have some other flaws. So, here I would share some of the points to be kept in mind before writing any article.

Only focused on SEO

Yes, we know content is great key for SEO but focusing only on SEO drops the traffic to the business almost immediately. So while putting a blog, it is recommended that SEO is not the prime focus. We must keep SEO in mind but that is not the ultimate goal. Keyword stuffing or link framing became quite old as Google has changed its algorithm already and they are focusing on ‘quality, not quantity’.

Lack of research

Research is considered to be monotonous and content writers do not spend much of their time in gathering and providing information in their articles which results to a pointless article and all their efforts go in vain. They just stuff keywords to their articles and copies without researching properly about their clients.

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Procedures and functions of social media

Predominantly content writers do not understand how a social media works and they do not help their clients and users in their articles. That is the focal drawback of their contents. They try to make their content rich without getting central point of SEO.

Article writers have to research in details and the research has to be concrete. Substantial researches hold the structure of the body of article. Use of tools like Tweet Deck and Hoot Suite can help them immensely to understand the social media effectively. Posting questions, asking for comments in short building proper interaction with the audience and searching appropriate and popular keywords must come as options.

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Reviewing brand as authority

People purchase things from their trusted brands, so propelling their brand as an authority will do well. It is quite obvious that the clients will post blogs or make their sites search engine optimized for selling their products. So, content writers have to keep this thought in their mind while writing for their clients.

Another solution to this problem is the must share their thoughts with their target audience. As much as they would interact with their target group, more it will bring business. That is why solving problems or offering solution to their problems related their day-to-day life will get them a huge traffic.

So, what I want to say is just write quality articles and educate your reader and with time you will notice that traffic is following automatically. You do not need to utilize keywords and write the same words repetitively, always remember “Content is King” and may the king be adorned with real jewels which makes him look like a king.

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