How to make a listing of your business online?

How to make listing of your business online?

How to make a listing of your business online? Image Courtesy –

You certainly have many choices when you want to list your business online. Gone are the days, when people used to look for local business and services in newspaper classifieds or Yellow Pages directories. Internet is open and easily accessible worldwide. Its far-reaching power makes it a ruling contender in the game of getting viewed by customers across the globe. You should ensure that your business gets listed in all the applicable directories online so that your targeted customers can easily spot you. Here is a trimmed down list of the top 5 directories where your business must have a strong presence.

Google My Business:

You must put this directory at the top of the priority list. Google is the king of all search engines and this mighty directory receives around 6 million searches on daily basis. Now, imagine the visibility prospect of your business once you list it in Google My Business.


(i) Your business gets displayed in Google Maps

(ii) Customers will get the chance to post comments and reviews on your company’s official Google+ page. More reviews lead to more promotion.

(iii) Registration for Google My Business is free and amazingly simple.

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Bing Places for Business:

Bing is the second leading player in the online search market. People are searching for your business in Bing in case they do not prefer to use Google search.


(i) It just takes a few minutes to get started with this service. It is fast, easy, and absolutely free.

(ii) Attach relevant multimedia content with your business listing and make it look more appealing.

(iii) You can also add more locations of your business at a time.

Yahoo Local works:

This is an awesome business listing service from Yahoo. This service lets you add your business simultaneously on more than 50 local directories including Yahoo locals. Yahoo Local works dramatically simplify the process of listing your business individually on different sites. It is a paid system. You are required to pay a monthly minimal fee of $29.99.


(i) Get enlisted in 50+ reputed directories online.

(ii) Scope to add extra details to your business listing by attaching photos, offers, etc.

(iii)Performance tracking is made easier.

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This is the best place for customers who want to get genuine reviews on a particular product or service. If you want to get hooked with the real-time advertising world, Yelp is the right place for you.


(i) Offer lucrative deals to customers, right from your Yelp profile.

(ii) Interact with customers freely with public and private messages.

(iii) Monitor Yelp reporting tool for easy tracking of new business trends.

Merchant Circle:

This directory is built for small businesses looking for local customers. Merchant Circle offers free yet powerful marketing tools that are highly effective in establishing your business online.


(i) Location limited searches that help your customers to find your business easily.

(ii) Advertise your products and services for better business promotion.

(iii) You can host a dedicated business blog on Merchant Circle and spread the word.

This list will give you an abrupt idea of how to proceed with your online business listing challenge. You can list your business in hundreds of other directories but you must give priority to these top 5 directories.

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