How to choose a proper domain name?

How to choose a proper domain name?

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It is no wonder that a proper domain name makes great business. So, while beginning a start-up, it is not only necessary to choose a domain name properly, rather it is mandatory. Very often, companies having great domain names tend to rank on top of the search engines. Searching a perfect domain name must be very strenuous task, but once done it may bring you a great fortune.

Domain names are very important for the first internet wave as the service brings great traffic to the site. So, choosing a domain name properly is very important.

For choosing the domain names few do’s and don’ts should be kept in mind. And, here they are –

Register yourself as the domain name owner

‘Domain names are like property, if you do not register it under your own name, your property might be gone.’

It is a common mistake which occurs with most of the business owners that they forget to ensure the registration of the domain under their name. They often forget to check its background also. The business owner must be the domain owner and at the same time the administrative contact, also.

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Renew domain name registration

Delaying in the renewal of the domain name may cost you a big fortune. If the registration is not renewed on right time, the domain name might be taken by someone else and all the clients’ contact will be lost completely. So, renewing on right time is mandatory for domain owners.

Putting a keyword or location in your domain name is preferable

In case, someone is running a local business, mentioning the location in the domain name is highly preferable. Apart from the local businesses, global and national business owners also can use domain names containing location name. For example, there is, etc.

Putting important keyword in domain names also get high ranking in search engines. Whether the keyword is company description or any other important information, is optimized by search engine easily. E.g. is a painter company located at Hoboken, gets more attention while searching for painting sites.

Use of symbols

Use of symbols like hyphens, dash and slash in domain name can divert the traffic from the site. Easy to remember and catchy domain name can bring good traffic for any start-ups. But, wrongly chosen domain name can get opposite result, also.

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No VC on extension (of domain name)

While buying a domain name, it is frequently offered to buy an extension like .in or to the original domain name. But start-up business owners must not invest their VC in the extensions. Using .com as the domain name is more than enough.

Checking before buying a domain name is mandatory

Before buying a domain name, the buyer must check its background thoroughly. The buyer must pay heed to matter like whether the domain name is clear from any kind of legal confrontations or not. Even if the domain name carries anything similar to anyone else’s trademark that can come under legal issue. So, before buying the domain name check the background properly. In necessity, any help of lawyers also welcomed. If help from lawyer is not available, assistance can be taken from This site contains all registered domain names.

These are the basic Do’s and Don’ts to be followed while choosing a proper domain name. Selecting the proper domain name can be very important for start-ups but, at the same time it is a part of a start-up’s business strategy. So for start-ups, other fields must be taken care keenly, too.

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