Pakistan is a production house of terrorism

Pakistan is a production house of terrorism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivering his speech at a summit of ‘BRICS’ nations in Goa, India, on 16th October 2016 . Image Courtesy – Youtube.

During a summit of ‘BRICS’ nations in Goa, India, on 16th October 2016(Sunday), Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, proposed that Pakistan is a place which breeds terrorism and expands to other countries. According to Reuters’ statement, the Prime Minister gave his expression in the summit that terrorism dominates a threat to ‘peace’, ‘security’, ‘development’ etc. in Indian contingent.

The Prime Miniser stated, “tragically, the mothership of terrorism is a country in India’s neighborhood” without directly naming Pakistan.

India has been blaming its northern neighbour for a long period of time for supporting ‘cross-border terrorism’, including an assault on Sept. 18 on an Indian armed force base in Uri, Kashmir, which slaughtered 19 Indian troopers in the most exceedingly awful attack in 14 years.

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Islamabad denied any such involvement of militant attack on the Uri armed force base, and on the other hand, blamed New Delhi for misdirecting its summit accomplices with a specific end goal to muddle the Indian government’s own particular human-rights infringement in Kashmir.

But, truth can never be hidden. So, Prime Minister Modi acquired full support from the western world and Russia after the terrorist attack. His comments proved India’s long-term relationship with China, which was also a longtime friend of Pakistan.

It was a positive side of the summit that the final draft of the declaration already condemned terrorism in any of its forms. It has become clear that Pakistan has become a ‘production house’ of terrorism in the vision of the world leaders.

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