Georgia – a different flavour for tourists

Georgia – a different flavour for tourists

Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. Image Courtesy –

Georgia is situated in South-western Asia and between Turkey and Russia. A sea between south-eastern Europe and western Asia is bordering the country. The capital of the country is ‘Tbilisi’. The population is more than 10 million. Almost 84% of the whole population believe in Orthodox Christianity.

People from Muslim, Armenian, Gregorian, Catholic, and other religious communities are also present in Georgia. Georgia occupies approximately 69,900 square kilometers. Northern, Central and Southern parts are covered by the mountains, while in the eastern and western part, there are rivers, and in the eastern part, informed a Caspian basin.

The atmosphere is calm and is more mellow and damp along the western marine coast. Mountains make temperature zones that fluctuate with height. The highlands and eastern fields, which are secluded from the ocean, have a mainland atmosphere, while year-round snow and icy masses are found in the most elevated mountains. Decently humid Mediterranean, to dry-mainland Arab-Caspian, and to cooler rocky areas – these are the ranges of climatic zones in Georgia. A large portion of the area is utilized by agriculture, with a significant part consisting of backwoods and high mountains.

The main spoken language in Georgia is Georgian, which is said to belong in the South Caucasian language group. The minority languages which are significant in Georgia are ‘Abkhazian’, ‘Armenian’, ‘Azeri’, ‘Russian’ and ‘Ossetian’. Most of the people in ethnic minorities use the Russian language, and this language is understood by nearly most of the people in Georgia.

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We can see an influence of Soviet culture in Architecture which was in cities. Old Government buildings have huge spaces like halls, and flat surfaces – moreover wastage of space is prominent. But, new government buildings of the 1970s – 1980s evolved with more usage of space and more light. In some cities, there are older quarters that look stylish, and also show a blending of Asian and European architecture.

There are many stylish structures and historical places in Georgia that attract tourists from throughout the world. Some significant places are like ‘Stone Mountain Park’, ‘Centennial Olympic Park’, ‘High Museum of Art’, ‘Atlanta Zoo’, ‘Sea Island Golf Course’, ‘Georgia Aquarium’, ‘Atlanta Botanical Garden’, ‘Martin Luther King Junior Memorial Garden’ etc.

Stone Mountain Park – It is standout amongst the most visited spots in Georgia. Stone Mountain Park offers the whole family option of a large number of activities to enjoy vacations. From phenomenal shows and attractions to recreational golf to galleries and craftsmanship presentations, fine feasting open doors, and great shopping experiences, tourists will definitely discover something fun and intriguing to do here. (Picture of Stone Mountain Park is at the top)

Centennial Olympic Park – It was created on the occasion of the Centennial Olympic Games in the year 1996. The park remained one of the historical places from that time onwards. It is the ultimate way to pass the time of the tourists in Centennial Olympic Park in the city of Atlanta. The park has numerous attractions like events, tours, recreational activities scattered here and there. Fountain of rings and Brick Locator are two significant attractions here.

Centennial Olympic Park in Georgia developed in 1996 for Summer Olympic Games. Image Courtesy –

High Museum of Art – It is the main craftsmanship exhibition hall with more than 15,000 masterpieces in its perpetual accumulation. This museum has a broad treasury of nineteenth and twentieth-century American and enriching craftsmanship, a huge property of European compositions, a collection of African American workmanship, accumulations of advanced and contemporary workmanship, photography, people craftsmanship, and African workmanship. It is additionally committed to support and gather works by Southern craftsmen. If you are a lover of art, then you should not miss visiting this museum while traveling in Georgia. It is simply amazing.

It is the main craftsmanship exhibition hall with more than 15,000 masterpieces in its perpetual accumulation. Image Courtesy –

There are culinary differences between the western and eastern districts. In the west, there is a more noteworthy accentuation on vegetarian cuisine, significantly ‘walnuts’ are preferred. ‘Spices’, ‘basil’, ‘coriander and pepper make western Georgian nourishment hot and zesty. ‘Khachapuri’, a sort of cheddar pizza, is usual in dishes. In the eastern zone, the nourishment is heavier, with a greater amount of ‘mutton’ and ‘pork’.

One of the popular foods in mountain areas is ‘Khinkali’, a combination of cooked meat with beer. Potato, pumpkin, bean, cucumber, cabbage, tomatoes, radish, etc. are very popular vegetables in Georgia. Most people drink wine. ‘Araki’ – a strong alcoholic drink, prepared with honey, grapes and various other fruits is also popular in Georgia. ‘Trout’ fish is eaten almost everywhere in the country. A huge variety of fruits that are cultivated locally are available, such as – cultured berries, watermelons, etc.

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Marriage in Georgia is basically made with partners of their free will. So, mutual attraction is the prime phenomenon of marriage, though pre-arranged marriage happens rarely in some rural areas. Polygamy is seen in Muslim areas. Usually, Georgians have a tendency for late marriage, but there are also many incidents like early marriage. Married persons have the privilege of sharing equal rights in a joint family.

Artist’s work depends less on ‘linguistic restrictions’, as like painters and craftsmen, search for monetary support and global market. Numerous authors and craftsmen work on political issues or on business. Movie producers and scholars acquiring a position in the parliament or different offices of the legislature is a common feature of Georgia.

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