Ambubachi – a celebration of Hindu Spiritualism

Ambubachi – a celebration of Hindu Spiritualism

Yagya at Viswa Janakalyan Ashram. Video Courtesy – Viswa Janakalyan Ashram

Nearly most of the Indian people have heard about the Goddess Kamakhya of Assam in India. It is the highly auspicious place as far as Hinduism is concerned. There are 51 ‘Shaktipeethas’ throughout India and Kamakhya temple is one of the ‘Shaktipeethas’ among 51. According to Hinduism, Devi Kamakhya goes through her annual period during this time of monsoon, which is also month of ‘Ahaar’ to Assamese. The river Brahmaputra flows full to the brim due to monsoon rains during this time.

It is believed that the fertility of ‘mother earth’ increases during the ‘menstruation period’. Infact, it matches to the reality that with the monsoon arriving around this time develops the fertility of the land. The holy Kamakhya temple remains closed for 4 days to visitors to resume privacy to the menstruating Goddess. Farmers usually do not cultivate land these 4 days, as it is believed that it causes impact to the menstruating ‘mother earth’. People also do not worship their Goddess in house and cover with a cloth around them.

At the termination of 4 days, the temple is reopened. The main Goddess is bathed and other rituals are performed according to Hindu religion. The main Goddess is a stone, shaped as a ‘yoni’ or ‘vagina’. A piece of red cloth is covered the ‘yoni’ ‘vagina’ during the days of menstruation. After the Hindu rituals are performed, this red cloth is cut into small pieces and distributed to pilgrims as ‘prasad’ and a token of spiritual power. Devotees usually keep it in their money purse, or bag, or in a sacred place in their home. It is believed that they will be assisted with the spiritual power of the Goddess Kamakhya.

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Those who exercise the wild occult system of Hinduism i.e. ‘Tantra’ are usually attracted to the temple during this time. Because, it is said that Kamakhya is the appropriate place of exercising and gaining spiritual power with the system of ‘Tantra’. Tantrics make their availability to the public and media during this period, and go back to their scheduled life-style after this ceremony of “Ambubachi”. This time, they perform ‘Tantric Kriya’, which is always the centre of attraction for public and media.

In many places of India, tantrics perform this “Ambubachi” celebration with detailed rituals of Hinduism. Even “Kumari Puja” is also performed after the completion of the 4 days of “Ambubachi”. In Kolkata also, many ‘Tantric’ communities use to celebrate this festival with full of fervour. “Viswa Janakalyan Ashram” is one of the pioneer organisation where we can observe these consistency in performing Hindu religious culture.

Here we can see the ancient culture of India which is described in Veda and Vedic scriptures. ‘Kali Puja’, ‘Bagalamukhi Puja’, ‘Avishek’, ‘Chandipath’, ‘Saptasati Mahayagya’, ‘Kumari Puja’ and ‘Prasad’ distribution are organised here very perfectly according to ‘Vedic Culture’. ‘Yagyas’ are performed for the all the people and invited to join and get benefits like satisfaction and peaceful life throwing away all the difficulties and worries from the lives of human being. Nearly 2000 – 3000 devotees along with many ‘Sadhus’ of different Math and Mission take part in this celebration of “Ambubachi” here in Viswa Janakalyan Ashram.


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