Freelance journalist Rajeev Sharma caught spying for Chinese Intelligence

Freelance journalist Rajeev Sharma caught spying for Chinese Intelligence

Freelance journalist Rajeev Sharma (left) was found spying for China. Top right is Chinese woman Qing Xi and bottom right is Raj Bohra of Nepal. Image Courtesy – The Economic Times

The Special Cell of Delhi Police arrested a Chinese woman and her Nepali colleague from the capital’s Mahipalpur area after questioning a 61-year-old Indian journalist Rajeev Sharma. The freelance journalist Rajeev Sharma was found spying for China. The incident happened on Saturday.

The accused have been identified as Chinese national Qing Xi (30) and Sher Singh alias Raj Bohra (30). It is alleged that independent journalist Rajeev Sharma has been a puppet in their hand since 2016, joining the agents Michael and George of Chinese intelligence agencies.

Rajeev had been continuously writing about defence matters and foreign policy. Due to being a PIB (Press Information Bureau) card, he was also visiting big officials in the ministries. Leaving Main Stream in the year 2010, he started working as an independent journalist. Meanwhile, from 2010 to 2014 he continued to write weekly columns for the Chinese mouthpiece and its leading newspaper Global Times.

After reading his article, the Chinese intelligence agency got interested in Rajeev Sharma. Rajeev was called to Kunming city in China on the pretext of giving interviews. An agent named Michael contacted Rajeev from the social site LinkedIn. Upon reaching China, Michael explained the real reason for calling. He was offered a lucrative amount of money and Michael took all the expenses of travelling.

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According to the police, between January 2019 and September 2020, Chinese intelligence agencies had given nearly 45 lakh rupees to Rajeev Sharma. Police are questioning Rajeev on six days remand. Qing Xi and Sher Singh are also being questioned. Police have recovered 12 mobiles, several tabs, laptops, Chinese ATMs and many other important documents from the accused.

Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, the Deputy Commissioner of the special cell of the Delhi Police, said that China’s intelligence agency had used the arrested Chinese woman and her Nepali accomplice. They communicated with Rajeev Sharma.

Through these two people, Delhi-based Freelance journalist Rajeev Sharma used to smuggle important and secret documents of the country along with money transactions. Now, the question is one journalist is caught by the police. Do we know how many journalists are there in our country like him? Do we know how many ‘Mir Jafar’ are there in our country?

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