China gives Billion Dollar Bribe to the Vatican to hide cruelty on Ethnic Minorities

China gives Billion Dollar Bribe to Vatican to hide cruelty on Ethnic Minorities

China gives Billion Dollar Bribe to the Vatican to hide cruelty on Ethnic Minorities. Image Courtesy – LifeSite

The communist country has become a filthy pace in terms of human values and freedom of ethnic minorities. Recently, the human rights experts of the United Nations raised the issue of the suppression of fundamental freedoms of China’s religious and ethnic minorities.

Guo Wengui, a billionaire businessman of China who became a political activist later and currently controls ‘Beijing Zenith Holdings’, and other assets, now facing deportation. He called on the Vatican City to hide cruelties of the Chinese Communist Party every year by providing $2 billion as a bribe.

Guo Wengui alleged that China sheds money like water to hide cruelties on people. As reported by US Breitbart News, in an interview to ‘The War Room’ on June 20, Guo Wengui told that China sheds money like water to cover up cruelties on people within the country. He also told that China spends billions of dollars every year to seek the favour of Italy and Australia

Billions of dollars are spent every year to pacify Vatican City, Italy and Australia, on all the headquarters of Catholic churches. The communist country provides money every year to influence Vatican City’s internal policies. They release the money to keep silent about the suppression of religious freedom in China.

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According to Guo Wengui, China has done a disastrous move to establish its dominance in the world. He is working on a project called BGY, in which B means blue (control over the Internet), G means gold (buying influence with money) and Y means yellow (involving key people in sex traps).

According to Breitbart News of USA, Guo said that since 2014, under the conspiracy of the Chinese government, a certain percentage of trade with other countries has been fixed for BGY. It aims to abolish the local system. The current BGY quota for the US and Australia is five per cent. Earlier this quota was one per cent.

Wengui alleged that the Vatican entered into a secret agreement with China in September 2018. This agreement was related to the appointment of Bishops in the Catholic churches of China. However, a senior Vatican journalist John A W Ellen says that the Vatican has not made a special effort to link diplomatic relations with China. But, Ellen wrote last month that relation between the Vatican and China is coming closer. Both are moving in the direction of strong diplomatic relation, protection of the churches and global partnerships.

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