Are you willing to start an online business?

Are you willing to start an online business?

Are you willing to start an online business? Image Courtesy –

Are you willing to start an online business or travel business? There is a great scope for you using the internet. If you want to sell travel products or travel tickets on behalf of major travel companies, you have to be online. Online travel agencies are generally connected to individual airlines; otherwise they are connected to GDS systems for quite a long period.

To start an online travel business, first of all you have to get a license from ‘International Air Transport Association’. Perform a good research on google for that, and you will get the proper way to register.


You have to make up your mind on which modules you want to have in your travel agency website such as hotels, flights, buses, cars, transfers, vacations etc. In case you have something else to add, you can do that also.


You can bring these services or content to your website in two ways – you can either have a CMS system for the services/content you have or you can integrate XML/API so that you can get the content from third party suppliers. You only have to choose the right set of API for each travel product that you are going to sell.

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Business model:

You need to select a travel technology partner that can offer you various business model with the help of which you will get to operate your business like all other online travel agencies such as ‘business to business’, ‘business to customer’, ‘business to business to customer’ and white label solution.

Payment gateway:

You need to integrate multiple or single payment gateways so that your customers can book directly from your website.

Flight API:

If you choose flight reservation module, you can get flight APIs with a good inventory of global airlines.


In order to integrate any GDS system, you not only have to have an IATA license, but also the authority to sell the tickets. Some major Global Distribution Systems that you can integrate include Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre.

Accounting package:

You need to choose an accounting package that is best for your travel start-up. With regard to credit and debit card, you need to arrange banking. Always make sure that you understand how much you will have to pay to the card companies.

Purchase a domain:

While choosing a domain for your travel business, make sure to choose an attractive and interesting name suitable for your business.

Follow these simple ways to start your own online travel agency with ease.

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