How to stay young and healthy for a long time?

How to stay young and healthy for a long time?

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It is observed that most of the people in our modern society usually cannot remain healthy around 80s. But some people miraculously live life healthier than their same age people. They not only even cook; they do gardening, driving, dancing, marketing and their regular physical activities also. Scientists have been researching for decades to grab the secret of the super-aged people.

Scientists are of the opinion that ‘super-agers’ i.e. people in 90s must have been maintaining some kind of healthy habits that might keep them living longer and better. Some of them have very significant physical or memory problems; otherwise they are ok with everything.

Some people are normally lucky to have better longer life due to gene factor. But, experts in this field expressed that as far as longevity is concerned, our genes support for about 20%-30% of our longevity only. It clearly defines that majority of our ageing (about 70%-80%) gets affected by our lifestyle.

Michael W. Smith (MD, MBA, CPT), Director at ‘WebMD’ has expressed his research-oriented observation in a very much accurate and credible way. He has listed down some of his observations on ‘super-aged’ people that some of the habits found common in them:

(i) They usually take plant-based diet like vegetables, beans, whole grains etc.

(ii) All of them have habits of natural movement like walking, gardening, group activities etc.

(iii) They have sense for reason to do something.

(iv) All of them belong to communities based on religious beliefs.

(v) They use to take light sleep especially during the day.

(vi) They do not overeat, even some of them do not eat after sunset.

Several researches on aged people were done in the US to find out the prime cause of ageing and how to make life longer and healthier. Some observations focussed that plant-based diet and exercise on a regular basis may help to get rid of diseases and to stay physically healthy. The biggest reason for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is ageing; mostly at the age of 85 and more. Oscar Lopez(MD), Director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centre, University of Pittsburgh, USA, researched with his team and noticed that the brain cells build on account of regular physical exercise. So, exercise is the best way to keep our minds sharp and cells active.

Claudia Kawas, MD, University of California, Irvine, USA have been researching on the subject and found that exercise and healthy diet affects brain health among the old aged people. Another important aspect they found in their research was socializing habits. Involvement in various social activities (i.e. entertaining with afternoon matini show); play a crucial role in maintaining mental health.

Gene vs. Environment:

Some people are genetically constituted for belated ageing. So, it does not matter for them what they are eating or how much they are eating. Their ageing follows the predefined characteristics of their chromosome.

Sofiya Milman, Endocrinologist in Bronx, New York has marked these people as having ‘protective genes’. The people having ‘protective genes’ are generally protected from negative effects of the environment, so they are uncommon people. She also said that most of us do not have that kind of protective genes, so it is very important to maintain diet, exercise and a healthy life style for the common people.

The population around 80-90 years of age is increasing in the US and it is expected to reach around 14.6 million by 2040 as a research displayed. The researchers in the US are trying to focus some of the key features to increase the life span – the amount of time people can maintain with good health.

Exploration for a healthy concept:

So, it is clear that healthy life style plays an important role in maintaining our youthfulness throughout the life making the span of life longer. A healthy life style consists of healthy diet, having limited or no smoking habit, having limited consumption of alcohol, regular exercise or physical activity, engagement of brain activity or social activity etc.

Result of this modern research has exactly match with wise sermons of the ancient sages of India belonged to the Vedic period, in 1500 BCE. They showed how to remain healthy and young without having disturbance of diseases through ‘oriental style of living’. They paved our way with numerous ‘Yoga’ activities and various process of ‘Meditation’ by which we can maintain our ‘youth’ thereby activating the total ‘Endocrine System’ and the ‘brain’.

Origin of this oriental system approximately started in pre-Vedic Indian society, and it is also mentioned in the ‘Rigveda’ as far as speculation is concerned. We have found the use of ‘Tantra Yoga’ with extensive use of ‘Chakras’ and ‘Mantras’ to enhance ‘sexual techniques’ and making one’s long life, health and liberation.

Tantra Yoga with extensive use of ‘Chakras’ and ‘Mantras’ to enhance ‘sexual techniques’ and making one’s long life, health and liberation. Image Courtesy –

The style of oriental living and practices of some techniques used to modify electrical impulses of the brain, thereby decreasing mental stress; ultimately making continuous bio-chemical changes in our body. So, by practicing these ‘oriental style of living’ one can get rid of mental stress and can be free of diseases to live longer and happier. Some of the ‘Tantra Yoga’ even has capability to make life span longer in a huge manner. Resonance of some mantras according to these ‘Tantra Yoga’, are so much powerful, that it can able to make permanent bio-chemical changes in the body of the performer.

European countries are very much eager to research on these techniques, and they have also formed some group for practising these techniques. One of such group is ‘European Veda Union’ – they are trying to follow teachings of the ‘Vedas’ and use to train their members as per the ancient Sanskrit script to recite the Vedic hymns.

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