World’s one of the tallest apartment buildings in Dubai engulfed in fire

World’s one of the tallest apartment buildings in Dubai engulfed in fire

The Torch Tower, one of the tallest high-rise buildings of the world in Dubai got aflame. The fire has burned the upper portion of the 336.1m high Torch residential skyscraper, activating departure of close-by towers in the Dubai Marina locality.

The blaze softened out at around 2 am up the 86-story Torch tower on the northeast end of the thickly populated area. Numerous multi-storeyed buildings are there in this area. Garbage from burnt buildings whipped through the entire area and jumbled upon adjacent lanes with the help of strong wind.

Civil defence officials reported that there were no news of deaths or wounds. Although, the reason for the fire was not promptly clear. The Marina zone is such a place where many apartment blocks and hotels are situated. Many of the buildings are constructed over the previous decade. Even many apartments are favourite for large number of emigrant professionals.

Still lights were on inside a number of the apartments and various Fire Brigade Trucks and police vehicles cordoned the area. Inhabitants of one nearby tower were advised to clear as a safeguard as a result of strong winds, however they were later permitted once more inside. The fire began around the 52nd story while inflammable material fuelled it, and the fire then set a lower portion of the building burning, according to the report.

One of the occupants, Steve Short, 53, of Liverpool, England, commended the work of fire-fighters who arrived rapidly. He told that fire alerts alarmed occupants to the blaze. Also, building administration sent their workers to knock the doors of the residents to ensure them to get out of their room.

Clean-up teams wearing orange uniforms cleared up bits of smashed glass and other wreckages covering the road outside the building. Occupants were gathered over the road to be permitted back to their home saw the extent of the fire as sunlight broke. Dubai, known for its horizon of high rise buildings has seen fires at towers previously.

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