Too much consumption of Green Tea is dangerous

Too much consumption of Green Tea is dangerous

Too much consumption of Green Tea is dangerous. Image Courtesy –

Before going to the point, let us have a look what is Green Tea. Green tea is produced using Camellia Sinensis leaves which have not experienced the same shriveling and oxidation connected when preparing Camellia Sinensis into ‘Oolong Tea’ and ‘Black Tea’. The origin of Green tea is China, yet its production has expanded to numerous nations in Asia. There are some varieties of green tea exist, which contrast significantly because of developing conditions, agriculture, production procedure and time of harvest.

There are several benefits of Green Tea. Green Tea generally helps in reducing fat in human body. It protects cell damage and cell death, controls the balance of Glucose level in human body, decreases Cholesterol, maintains dental health, protects cell death in our brain and rejuvenates cell. Green Tea also reduces the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. It maintains skin health, decrease mental pressure, protects our cell from cancer because it plays the role of antioxidant.

In spite of so many benefits, Green Tea can be a great danger to human being. A scientist of ‘Institute of Hygiene and Public Health’ at Kolkata told, “Many people use Green Tea as their morning bed tea. But Green Tea should not be consumed in empty stomach. It must be consumed after having a meal. There may be some probability of ulcer due to excessive acid secretion if Green Tea is consumed in empty stomach. Consumption of Green Tea is forbidden in pregnancy period because there are some specific risk factors for babies in the womb – their brain cell and spine may be damaged.”

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Having Green Tea has become a fashion during the recent couple of years. People use to favour Green Tea instead of normal tea in houses, offices and restaurants also. But, the fact is that, doctors are saying that Green Tea can be consumed after having meal, not more than 2 times daily if anybody does not have any kind of Kidney problem.

Eminent Nephrologist of Kolkata, Dr. Avijit Tarafder says, “Many people face increase in Creatinine due to too much consumption of Green Tea. It decreases the natural activity of Kidney. Somebody faces renal failure. Now, when patients come to me for treatment, first of all I ask them whether they drink Green Tea or not.”

Many patients are coming these days into government hospitals, who have done their own harm by consuming too much of Green Tea without any knowledge about that. So, the process of diagnosis of diseases is taking time because source of the problem is newly arrived.

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Dr. Arunangshu Talukder, MD, Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata said, “Green Tea becomes an obstruction most of the time in ‘Warfarin Metabolism’, which means too much consuming of it becomes an obstruction to the medicine which liquefy the blood. ‘Warfarin’ is a type of medicine which maintains the blood to remain liquefied. A component found in Green Tea decreases the activity of ‘Warfarin’. As a result of that, blood becomes condense by increasing the risk of ‘heart attack’ and ‘stroke’.

Dr. Talukder also said, “Consuming too much of Green Tea decreases capacity of iron absorption and iron assimilation of the body. Most of the people of this country have deficiency of iron. Even iron tablets are distributed on behalf of the government to combat with Anaemia. A huge number of people are ignorant that too much consumption of Green Tea can cause Anaemia, and which cannot be solved by tons of iron capsules.”

In many international researches, it has already been proved that assimilation of Vitamin B-12 can be obstructed by Green Tea. Antioxidant like Polyphenol becomes a blockade in absorbing vitamins and minerals in the body. Tannin, present in Green Tea becomes a bar in absorption of iron from food material.

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Doctors who treat in Ayurveda system, also saying that some of the patients who come for treatment, having some complex symptoms, cause of which is Green Tea.

Ayurveda Doctor Dr. Amalkanti Battacharya said, “Many people are taking Green Tea to reduce fat, but 6-7 cup of Green Tea can harm to anybody. Green Tea increases urination. It is an inevitable fact in damaging Kidney with huge amount of urination in repeated cycle.”

So, these are the clinical research and studies by the doctors handling with their patients in various corners of Kolkata. We can make a conclusion by studying these clinical factors that in Asian countries, maximum 2 cups of Green Tea regularly after having meal is enough for a person to keep fitness. People should avoid the danger of consuming Green Tea excessively.

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