Thousands of farmers organizing Rallies to protest against Farm Laws in India

Thousands of farmers organizing Rally to protest against Farm Laws in India

Thousands of farmers in Rally to protest against Farm Laws in India. Image Courtesy – National Herald

A tremendous protest against the Farm Laws in India is happening for a couple of months since September 20, 2020. The farm law included 3 bills – (i) Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce Bill 2020, (ii) Farmers Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill 2020, and (iii) Essential Commodities Bill 2020.

These 3 bills were passed by the Parliament within a big drama in the monsoon session. As a result of this, the oldest ally of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) had quit the alliance over the controversial farm bills issue.

Farmers of the country expressed alarm about the farm laws. They alleged that the farm reform bills would break up the minimum support price system, and the total control will be shifted into the hands of big corporate companies.

Thousands of farmers marched on Mumbai in protest against the farm law of the central government. They are coming from 21 districts of Maharashtra. On Saturday, they gathered in Nashik. From there they will cross the 160 km route to Mumbai. They will hold a huge rally at Azad Maidan in the city on Monday. Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Sharad Pawar will be present there.

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Various small farmers’ unions have jointly set up a platform called ‘All India Kisan Sabha’. The procession is expected to enter Mumbai by Sunday evening.

A couple of weeks ago, Sharad Pawar praised the farmers in Delhi. He said that the central government would have to suffer the consequences if the agricultural laws were not repealed in line with the demands of the farmers. He also said that the central government should not test the patience of the farmers. Farmers are going to hold a tractor procession in Delhi on January 26, 2021. A rally in support of the farmers and protest against Farm Laws in Delhi would be held in Mumbai earlier this session.

It was learned that a farmer had written a letter to Hiraben Modi, the mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He pleaded with Hiraben, who is about 100 years old, to influence her son as a mother. Maybe Narendra Modi’s mind will change after that. He will consider the demands of the farmers with sympathy. The letter was written by Harpreet Singh, a resident of Golu Ka Madh village in Ferozepur district of Punjab.

Harpreet writes that farmers are staying at the Delhi border in extremely unfavourable weather. Many farmers want the controversial laws to be repealed. Farmers satisfy the hunger of the people throughout the country. Many children of their families are guarding the border. The demands of the farmers should be accepted for these reasons.

Harpreet wrote, “I am writing this letter with great sadness. You know, those who feed the whole country are now being forced to live on the streets of Delhi. They are fighting to repeal the three black laws in the bitter cold. Among them are 90-95-year-olds and children. Many have fallen ill with the cold and many have died.”

Harpreet alleged that the ‘black laws’ have been enacted in the interest of Adani, Ambani, and other corporate houses. That is why the farmers have been forced to take part in a peaceful movement.

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