The Indian Army is ready for a counter-attack, Rajnath Singh

The Indian Army is ready for a counter-attack, Rajnath Singh

The Indian Army is ready for a counter-attack, Rajnath Singh. Image Courtesy – India TV News

The Defense Minister of India said the Chinese army had carried out the biggest attack in June. The Indian Army has also given a worthy counter for it. Even the Chinese army has suffered heavy losses. In this situation, the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh confirmed that the Indian Army is ready for a counter-attack.

The Defense Minister of India, Rajnath Singh, echoed the reports that had been circulating in the army for so long. He said the Indo-China border issue was unresolved. However, the bilateral border agreement reached in ’93 and ’96 is not only violated by Beijing, but it has also created a volatile situation in the western sector in Ladakh since April 2020. Purposely created the situation of unrest, and also carried out attacks on Indian soldiers.

In this context, Rajnath Singh said that China has stored a large number of troops and weapons along the Line of Actual Control and towards their territory. They have created several conflict zones along with east Ladakh, Gogra, Kongka La, the north and south shores of Pangong Lake.

India’s strategic experts have observed in the satellite image that Beijing has been creating all these incidents. Army intelligence also has that report. However, the defence minister told in the parliament that India has also made preparation for a counter-attack on the Ladakh border.

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He also told that the deployment of troops has increased, so has the stockpile of weapons. In his words, the rest is a sensitive operational issue, and it cannot be disclosed for strategic reasons. He expects that the MPs will also understand that sensitivity.

The Defense Minister further said in the Lok Sabha that India thinks that there is a historical and natural boundary with China. The border disputes can be resolved by showing dignity to this natural boundary. But China does not think so.

The Chinese army has occupied 37,000 square kilometres of India. Apart from that, Pakistan has sold 5180 square kilometres of land in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to China under an agreement. At the same time, Beijing is claiming 90,000 square kilometres as its territory along the Arunachal border of India.

In this context, Rajnath further said that maintaining border peace through dialogue at the diplomatic and military levels is a priority for India. But Beijing should understand that India’s army can be as restrained as it is ready to strike if necessary.

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