Reliance Jio records the top with 21.9 Mbps 4G download speed

Reliance Jio records the top with 21.9Mbps 4G download speed

Reliance Jio records the top with 21.9 Mbps 4G download speed. Image Courtesy –

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI), the telecom regulatory body of India, revealed that Reliance Jio reached the all-time high download speed for 4G internet, and it reached 21.9 Mbps in October. This statistics has been calculated by ‘MySpeed’ application of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Jio’s previous mark for download was 19.123 Mbps, registered in the month of May.

Reliance Jio’s download speed was 18.4 Mbps in September. It reached at 21.9 Mbps in October – where it’s other competitors like Vodafone, Idea Cellular, Airtel etc. were in much lower position. Vodafone was at 8.7 Mbps, Idea Cellular was at 8.6 Mbps and Airtel was at 7.5 Mbps – their average download speed was 8.7 Mbps in October.

In case of upload speed, Idea Cellular was on the top position in October with an average speed of 6.4Mbps, followed by Vodafone with 5.9Mbps, followed by Reliance Jio with 4.1Mbps and Airtel with 3.5Mbps. In the internet network system, upload speed plays a vital role when a user shares a video or a photo through email or through social media portals.

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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India collects and calculates data download speed through its app ‘MySpeed’ which was launched at the end of last year. It helps the regulatory body of India to monitor and publish data speed of network on a monthly basis, provided the ‘MySpeed’ app is installed in users phones.

This application enables you to measure data speed experience and sends the outcomes to TRAI. The application represents and sends result, data speed and other informations along with device and location.

The application does not send any individual client data. All outcomes are accounted anonymously. While this application gives TRAI details of your internet experience, but it does not form any complaint. In the event of poor experience, clients are requested to register objection with their service providers.

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